Interview Yuvraj Singh – passion for the game brought me back

Eyeing an international comeback after falling out of favour due to poor form, Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh said his passion for the game has kept him motivated.

 Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj, who successfully battled cancer last year, came back to international cricket with the Twenty20 World Championships in the same year.

A drop in form saw the 31-year-old being left out of the post this year’s IPL and he is now aiming for a return through good performances in the domestic circuit.

“Last one year was very difficult for me. I have seen ups and downs. Injuries before World Cup, then diagnoses with a cancer tumour after the 2011 World Cup, comeback in the team and then getting dropped, the challenges were very hard but it is my passion for the game that kept motivating me to make a comeback,” Yuvraj told ‘PTI Bhasha’ in an interview.

“The inspiration to make a comeback and play for country was always there. It is in my system and it gave me the energy to face all the challenges. My never felt so good in last 2-3 years but now I am really feeling well. I have worked hard on off season training and hope to see the result in matches , be it domestic or international,” said the batsman.

He has taken all the criticism in his stride and does not get affected by it now.

“I am OK with it. I have been playing for 13 years now and every player has highs and lows in his career. In India people criticise you the most when you are down. It is part and parcel of the game and I am prepared for that,” he said.

Yuvraj now has to compete with the juniors to find a place in the team but his confidence remains high.

“Everyone has to work hard to find a place in team, whether it is a senior or junior. As I said that I have been for 13 years now and have full confidence on my abilities. I am confident making a comeback through good performance in coming season,” he said.

He is eyeing on Challenger trophy to be held next month but is willing to play a few local matches before that.

“There is Challenger trophy in September but I will play a few local matches before that, if I get a chance. Then there is Duleep trophy in October and then the Australia series. If I do not get a chance to play Australia series, I will play Ranji trophy in October-November,” he said.

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