DGU to host North East Nepali Symposium cum felicitation programme

2:31 AM
The Mir Mirey Kanchenchunga, a Gangtok based weekly journal in collaboration with the North Eastern Nepali Writers, Poets & Journalist, has decided to organise “North East Nepali Symposium cum felicitation programme in Dimapur, to be hosted by the Dimapur Gorkha Union (DGU), apex body of the Gorkhas in Dimapur district, on February 1 at Dimapur […]

Gorkhas weighing ‘NOTA’ option in Mizoram elections

2:46 PM
Mizoram : Deprived of OBC status by Mizoram Government and the alleged step-motherly attitude of Mizos, Gorkhas, who are one of the largest minorities in the state, are weighing the NOTA option provided by the Election Commission in the November 25 Assembly elections. Deprived of OBC status, Gorkhas weighing ‘NOTA’ option in Mizoram elections “The […]

Gunu Gharti: The ‘Idol’ of Mizoram Gorkhas

10:53 PM
Mizoram based social activist and recipient of several national awards and the first recipient of International Award from amongst the Mizoram Gorkhas, Dr. Gunu Gharti may not need introduction among the Mizos. Dr. Gunu Gharti The minority Gorkhas living in Mizoram are united and bonded firmly under the umbrella of Mizoram Gorkha Youth Association (MGYA). […]

Gorkha Mizo unity

12:06 AM
AIZAWL, December 29:  ” Gorkhas in Mizoram are never perceived as other community by the Mizos; they had also participated during the Mizo National Front (MNF) movement too”, said Lal Thanzara, Health, ICT and Minor Irrigation minister. Call for Gorkha Mizo unity He said this when he graced and addressed the programme of the 37th […]
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