Gorkha Mizo unity

AIZAWL, December 29:  ” Gorkhas in Mizoram are never perceived as other community by the Mizos; they had also participated during the Mizo National Front (MNF) movement too”, said Lal Thanzara, Health, ICT and Minor Irrigation minister.

Call for Gorkha Mizo unity
Call for Gorkha Mizo unity

He said this when he graced and addressed the programme of the 37th Mizoram Gorkha Youth Association General Conference held at Oasis Hall, AMC Building, Thuampui.

Lal Thanzara said that Gorkhalis are among the first settlers of Aizawl, adding, Mizos and Gorkhalis have been living together in good harmony and with good brotherhood.

He urged the gathering Gorkha youths to uphold this brotherhood and the attitude of favoring one another. The Minister continued saying that so far as his knowledge is concerned, Mizoram Gorkhalis are never looked as other community by the Mizos. In the same way, the Gorkhali also do not regard themselves as other community. They also had participated in the MNF Movement, the Minister added.

“As being minority, Mizoram Gorkhalis are well attended upon as a minority by the government and will continue to do so,” Minister Lalthanzara said on the occasion.”Without disturbing the integration of Mizoram, we can uphold each of our cultural values” the Minister added. Lal Thanzara expressed his wish for Mizoram Gorkhalis to feel at home in Mizoram with indigenous mindset, adding, “Provided we live in harmony, Mizoram can see further progress in various fields,” he said.

The Health minister stated that the Gorkhalis are brave, faithful, trustworthy, and hard working, “Traits are to be upheld further in future,” he advised the gathering. Mizoram Gorkha Youth Association, established on August 18, 1976. It presently has 15 Branches and 1 Sub-Headquarter, with a total of more than 3000 members, all over Mizoram.  On the occasion of the General Conference, a business session was also held in the afternoon programme.

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