Himalayan Drive-2 rally motor rally event

Some heat is set to be generated in the cool terrains of eastern Himalayas when 36 competitors from different parts of the country vie for top honours in the Himalayan Drive-2 motor rally event that will be flagged off on Wednesday.

Himalayan Drive-2 rally
Himalayan Drive-2 rally

A total of 24 cars and 8 two-wheelers will travel around 600 km over the next four days. The vehicles will cover 90 km on the first day, when they drive from Siliguri to Lataguri.

On the second day, they will start off from Lataguri and retire for the day in Gangtok after driving around 180 km. The third day’s journey, covering 175 km, will stretch from Gangtok to Darjeeling.

The vehicles will return to Siliguri from Darjeeling on the last day after traversing around 110 km.

Himalayan Drive-2 rally, whose print partner is The Telegraph,lined up at Uttarayon in Siliguri on Tuesday. The rally organised by Just Sportz Management Pvt Ltd will be flagged off from City
Centre in Siliguri at 3pm on Wednesday. The event is conducted in a time-speed-distance format in which cars need to cover a specific distance within a stipulated time.

Organisers said 75 drivers and navigators, including 20 from north Bengal, would participate.The rally would have four segments and cover 800km in four days. From Siliguri, the cars will head for Lataguri in the Dooars. In the second leg, the vehicles would travel to Gangtok from Lataguri. In the next leg, the cars will reach Darjeeling and finally Siliguri on February 1.“The first rally had unlocked great prospect of adventure sports in the eastern Himalayas. The second edition will boost it further,” Tamal Ghosal, directo of Just Sportz, said.

Source : TOI

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