Kurseong – Rohini Lake does not have a single drop of water

The condition of Rohini Lake has deteriorated further ever since its water started receding in 2006. The lake gradually dried up and now does not even have a single drop of water. The place once used to get lots of visitors, but there is virtually nobody around these days.

 A view of the bone dry Rohini Lake
A view of the bone dry Rohini Lake
Rohini Lake was regarded as one of the best picnic spots by the people of Kurseong, Siliguri and their surrounding areas. One of the main attractions was boat rides, but since the water dried up, the 10-odd boats that used to service visitors are not seen around today. Some of the boats have been sent to Mirik, while others have found their way to Ganga Maya Park in Darjeeling.

Sources said there may have been some technical error while building the lake as the ground gradually started to absorb all the water. The plastering work inside and in the base of the lake may not have been done properly, they suggested.

To develop the remote Rohini region, the lake and an amusement park were inaugurated in 2005 in the area by then DGHC administrator Subash Ghising.
As per GTA tourism department sources, the department has planned to revive the Rohini Lake with additional tourism infrastructure, but reconstruction work is yet to start.

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