ABGL accused the GJM of being a puppet in State Govt’s hands

All India Gorkha League general secretary Pratap Khati
ABGL secretary Pratap Khati

Akhil Bharatiya Gorkha League general secretary Pratap Khati today said there are several obstacles on the path to achieving a Gorkhaland state.

“Those spearheading the agitation usually fall for state government-initiated schemes that are devised to lure them away from the statehood issue. The Andhra government had also tried to lure the leaders of Telangana, but things did not work out as expected for that government. The Telangana leaders kept pursuing their demand for statehood and were not distracted and they finally achieved it. But our leaders have settled for the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration.”

Khati accused the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha of being a puppet in the hands of the state government. He said GJM leaders are cheating people and that their high claims during a public meeting held recently are all false. Khati also said the ABGL will fully support independent candidate Mahendra P Lama in his endeavour. He said if Jaswant Sinha can be the MP from Darjeeling, there is no reason why Lama cannot.

According to the ABGL leader, Gorkhaland could have been achieved alongside Telangana had Lama been the MP from Darjeeling. The general secretary also announced a crucial party meeting on March 2 to discuss future strategies.


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