Anthems Of Rock – Mr Big, Bad Company and Toto in Darjeeling on April 19

Darjeeling: Anthems Of Rock: Benefit Concert For Human Rights Watch – Some of the biggest rock stars of the 1970`s and 80`s will descend upon Darjeeling, India, for one of the biggest rock shows ever to grace the sub-continent! It is also the 1st ever international rock show in the history of Darjeeling. The leading voices of three globally popular rock bands — Mr Big, Bad Company and Toto — will perform at the Gorkha Stadium in Darjeeling on April 19.

Mr Big,Bad Company,Toto to perform at Gorkha Stadium Darjeeling on April 19
Mr Big,Bad Company,Toto to perform at Gorkha Stadium Darjeeling on April 19

The show is titled Anthems of Rock and is being organised by Canada-based Spread the Metal Records, a record label, and Darjeeling-based DOM Events.

“In the show, titled Anthems of Rock, a Swedish band with the same name, will be performing as a backup band. The back-up band will include iconic guitarist, Sayit Dolen,” said Hozo, the south-east Asia representative of Anthems of Rock.

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“Three world famous vocalists — Eric Martin of Mr Big, Robert Hart, a former vocalist of Bad Company, and Bobby Kimball, the original vocalist of Toto, which is a multi-Grammy winning band — will perform live in Darjeeling,” said Hozo.

“The gates for the show will open at 1pm and the concert will start from 4pm. It is expected to go on for three to four hours,” said Dipendra Dikshit, a representative of DOM Events.

The early-bird price, according to the event’s poster, are for Rs 550, regular tickets for Rs 700 and the VIP tickets are for Rs 2,800. “We are looking at keeping the VIP tickets at Rs 2,800. Those with the VIP pass will be allowed to meet the artistes after the event and food will also be served to them at the venue,” said Hozo.

The poster also says that the proceeds of the show will go to Human Rights Watch, a non-profit rights organisation.

The news of the concert is making a buzz among music lovers in the hills.

Deep Arora, a member of Forbidden Fruit, a known band in Darjeeling, said: “This is definitely a big moment for Darjeeling. This place is known for its music, but in the past we were unable to bring supergroup (popular) bands to Darjeeling. Shillong has been attracting good bands and if this show turns out to be a success, Darjeeling, too, would definitely be an attractive venue.”

Dikshit said: “We all have grown up with the music of Mr Big, Bad Company and Toto and it’s a dream come true for many music lovers of Darjeeling. The event will also help promote tourism.”

“The organisers will be recording the entire event and the video would be released worldwide later,” said Hozo.

Music lovers from Sikkim, Bhutan and Nepal are also expected to attend the concert.

Binay Tamang, executive GTA Sabha member in charge of information and cultural affairs department said that the hill body would extend all possible help to organise the show.(TT)

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