Gorkhaland Rajya Nirman Morcha – Gorkhaland can be formed without state’s approval

Congratulating the Telangana aspirants for the passage of “T Bill” in the parliament Gorkhaland Rajya Nirman Morcha president Dawa Pakhrin said now new states can be formed directly from the parliament without necessarily going via state legislative assemblies. Expressing hope that a separate state of Gorkhaland can be formed even if the state government opposes it Pakhrin said, “The tradition that was there during BJP rule which required the bills on new states to move via state assemblies has now been broken. Thus now Gorkhaland can be formed irrespective of state government’s intervention.”

Gorkhaland Rajya Nirman Morcha president Dawa Pakhrin
Gorkhaland Rajya Nirman Morcha president Dawa Pakhrin

Calling for fresh and serious struggle for a Gorkha state the GRNM president said, “Exhibiting mock struggles here when Telangana issue is raised should be stopped.” He opined, had the GTA agreement not been signed in July Gorkhaland would have been achieved by now. “The Gorkhaland activists must learn from the Telanagna movement. We must have one single goal of Gorkhaland as it is the matter of our national identity” Pakhrin pointed out.

Source: EOIC

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