T hese are reactions to the news that Tamang Youth Association has decided to support TMC for 2014 elections.

TYA members seen with Gautam Dev and Mamata Banerjee in Mirik
TYA members seen with Gautam Dev and Mamata Banerjee in Mirik

I’d would like to first ask. On what basis does TYC claim to represent all the Tamang youths? Have they made any effort to induct college/school students or young professionals from the Tamang community? Going by the definition of a youth association, are they affiliated to any Tamang political or social body? If so, where are the comments of the parent body? If not, what gives a handful of sellouts to claim that they represent an entire community?

A group of sellouts cannot in any way speak over the voice of a majority of determined youths who seek to unite as Gorkhas before Tamangs. It maybe a case of being disappointed by the leaders but more important than that it is a case that needs conscious awakening. Conscious will tell you that the sacrifices made by the people & the cause started by the Gorkhas should not and will not end in petty divisional boards.

It is not hard to see, the policy adopted by Bengal Govt., if this goes on we will witness a full fledged TMC rule for the next 10-15 years thus effectively wiping out any political leverage that we possess. They will have Gorkhas disseminated & dispersed like puppets in their pockets. Sadly, a few group of people are willing to be lured into it. These are the same people that refuse to wear traditional dress for festivals but wear their gowns to welcome a politician who’s willing to throw a few pennies.

What is also very unfortunate is the silence of the public figures and activists. It seems we have successfully evolved into a diaspora that would refrain from speaking against anything wrong as long as it doesn’t affect us. “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil but because of the people who don’t do anything about it”

TYA does not represent the entire Tamang community and to project their political inclinations to that of the community’s is downright wrong. Govt and media must take note that patronising them and spreading incomplete, half baked news will result in disturbance of communal harmony in the hills.

Write: Sankalp Lama and Bishal Lama

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