Darjeeling football association to support the BJP not Bhaichung

Darjeeling football association held a meeting on April 2, on the political situation in Darjeeling and decided to support the BJP candidate SS Ahluwalia, who is in favor of Gorkhas. The Association feel that all the players have been so much suppressed under the government of WB which forced them to take this step and now they are on the revolution against T.M.C and also like to inform all players of hills to fight for their identity.

“We all love Bhaichung Bhutia but not as a political leader but as a former Indian football captain and we also protest him for supporting Mamta Banerjee who is against all Gorkha. And we think the future of Gorkha depends on the election of 2014, if Bhaichung wins the election, the whole Gorkha will loose and we should forget about our identity because Bhaichung is just a puppet in Mamta’s hand.” said a member of Darjeeling Football Association.

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