Jan Aawaz to support who backs their agendas

“Whoever addresses our agendas, we will support him in the elections.” Munish Tamang

Darjeeling 12:April : A non political Indian Gorkhas association, Jan Aawaz have released a manifesto which includes 19 points and have declared that it will extend its support to the party or candidate who will back its manifesto in the upcoming Lok Sabha election.In a question and answer session held today, Jan Aawaz secretary Munish Tamang said whoever addresses our agenda in its manifesto throughout campaign will pack our backing.

Jan Aawaz secretary Munish Tamang
Jan Aawaz secretary Munish Tamang

“Whoever addresses our agendas, we will support him in the elections.” said Munish Tamang

Tamang clarified this move by saying that none of the Lok Sabha candidate from Darjeeling in the upcoming election could give a fulfilling reply to the two inquiries: one on scrapping the GTA; and other on the structuring of Gorkhaland, that Jan Awaz had put before them earlier.

Gorkhaland is the first plan in Jan Aawaz’s manifesto while the others incorporate canceling of GTA,pattas for plantation laborers in hills and plains, special finance packages for DHR and tea workers, establishment of film city, IT parks, horticultural university and research centre, primary and sub health centres and reconstruction of the Hill Cart Road, among others., were others.

He said, “Our point is an invalidation of the GTA, yet no candidate cleared his stand on this, nor has anything been said in the declarations. Unless the GTA is scrapped, battle for Gorkhaland is inconceivable.”

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