Now or never for the Gorkhas

By Vivek Ghatani

Politics is an art to analyse and go with the demand of the people. Ofcourse the Trinamool Congress friends up in the hills has mistakenly taken for granted that ‘development’ plank is the key to win elections. Unfortunately, not the hearts of the hill people which despite winds and storms are always throbbing for a separate statehood.

Now or never for the Gorkhas
I will take the “dreams of the Gorkhas”, Gorkhaland to the Parliament
– S. S. Ahluwalia said to the public gathered for his support.

This is why the Darjeeling parliamentary seat goes to the BJP – now the single largest party at the centre. It is a surprising wonder why Trinamool supporters in the hills although knowing that hill politics and outfits survive on the plank ‘Gorkhaland’ were out with a development plank and agreed to field a footballer who is respected for his soccer talents rather than a politician.

The immaturity shown at this level of politics from the hill Trinamool camp is a mere sign of dividing hill people meant to oppose the statehood. It is no surprise to see the Bimal Gurung led Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) joining hands with the NDA as an ally. This is where Mamata Bannerjee and her hill supporters have lost a battle of high spirit in the logger head despite a thumping win. The TMC has won 34 out of the 42 seats but to remain as a spectator.

That Gurung making foray in NDA and Mamata out from it speaks volumes of what is in store in the future. Although this may not be regarded that ‘Gorkhaland’ is right away on the cards. There was a time when Mamata was in a commanding position to hook knock the Gorkhaland agitation led by Gurung but the spectrum of command has changed with Gurung getting a place in the NDA by just supporting BJP in one seat.

The roadway to Gorkhaland now has been an easier path for the GJM for which it does not have to beg the Bengal government. Ofcourse it is to see for the BJP how it delivers its promise to fulfill the dream of the Gorkhas. Easier said than done, fulfilling the statehood demand is not an easy task for the BJP either though it is in a commanding position.

But there isn’t impossible to anything and Telangana formation is a perfect example to it. For the hills now, be it our Trinamool friends, GNLF, CPRM, ABGL, the Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh (BGP) or Dr. Mahendra P.Lama time has come to show its strength.

Having said that the blame game should be over now and focus on the achieving what is required. There is no question of only GJM taking the initiative for unification. Any force has the right to do so. Politics is an art of analysing as said earlier. The analysis says unification is the need for the next five years.  If now, it is never for the Gorkhas again.

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