New traffic rules for Kurseong town – different reactions

While some sections of the people are protesting the move by the administration to set up new traffics rule for Kurseong town, others have welcomed and appreciated the idea.

All transport syndicates in Kurseong remained closed throughout the day following the indefinite transport bandh called by the Janmukti Chalak Mahasangh, Kurseong.

Protesting against the new traffic rules implemented from today by the Kurseong SDO, the Janmukti Chalak Mahasangh has called an indefinite transport bandh resulting in all vehicles that run from various syndicates to remain dysfunctional in support. Besides the syndicates vehicles, local and milk vehicles as well as water carriers and even school duty vehicles did not ply. Daily commuters faced serious transportation problems in town throughout the day.

Talking to reporters, Janmukti Chalak Mahasangh, president Tilak Gurung said the new traffic rule is neither a passenger friendly nor a pro driver initiative. He added they also want Kurseong free from traffic problems, but before the implementation of any new rule, passengers’ and drivers’ interests should also be assessed. The implementation of the new traffic rules should have been done after taking the advice and opinion of all stakeholders concerned.

Gurung also claimed the new traffic rule will only generate more problems for the common man and drivers.

However, as per administration sources, the new rule has not removed the syndicates from their respective places, but has directed each of them not to allow vehicles to park in one place at a time, especially at the Main Road and Burdwan Road. Only one vehicle will be allowed to be kept in the syndicate premises for passengers to board. Once that vehicle leaves, another parked at a pre-determined parking slot determined by the administration will take its place. This way the main roads and streets in the busy intersection of town will remain traffic free as all vehicles will remain in parking spaces provided by the administration.

Although the new rule might be successful in making the town free of traffic congestions, some routes have also been marked for use to reach a destination within town which is round-about and takes time. Hence, despite the possibility of some problems cropping up following the new rule, most people are hopeful it will benefit town and its citizens from the long term perspective.


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