Kalimpong gruesome murder case – Rai confesses crime, father arrested

Kalimpong, June 20: The father of the suspect held in connection with the murder of a couple at Lower Beong was also arrested today and police claimed that he had confessed to committing the crime.

Hangjit Rai’s arrest was made after the interrogation of his son, Puran, who was remanded in 14 days’ judicial custody by a court here today.

The police said Hangjit would be produced in the court tomorrow. They also said personal rivalry was suspected to be the reason for the murder of Dominique Bhutia and wife Christina at Lower Beong, 30km km from here. — Telegraph

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Another arrested in Kalimpong murder case, confesses crime

The case related to the gruesome murder of a couple in Gidabling near Kalimpong has progressed a step ahead with the arrest of another person. Hanjit Rai, father of Puran Rai arrested yesterday, was detained by the Kalimpong police for interrogation late last night. During the interrogation, he not only confessed to the crime, but also informed about the weapons used in the murder.

Acknowledging the information, Darjeeling Police SP Aakhilesh Chaturwedi said the police have found the murder weapon and the bloodstained clothes of the culprit after Hanjit disclosed the location during the interrogation. He confessed that he killed the couple due to a personal dispute, but the police is adamant on reaching the actual cause as the nature of the attack suggested a different motive.

12 years  old Daughter of  Dominic Bhutia and Kristina Bhutia who escaped the attack with serious injuries
12 years  old Daughter of Dominic Bhutia and Kristina Bhutia who escaped the attack with serious injuries

Notably on Thursday morning, the dead body of Dominic Bhutia and Kristina Bhutia was found in their house on a pool of blood, with their bodies severely hacked by a sharp weapon. The murder shocked the entire Kalimpong town due to the nature of the gruesome and inhumane attack on the couple and their 12-year old daughter Yaki Ongmu Bhutia. Luckily, the couple’s 7-year old daughter escaped unhurt.

According to police sources Hanjit did not tell anything about the reason why he attacked a minor. Meanwhile, the involvement of Puran Rai in the murder is yet to be cleared. Although he denied the allegations and has not confessed to the crime, the question on his involvement is still arguable as Yaki Ongmu had identified him as the assailant. Meanwhile, the police have also not been able to ascertain if the attack was carried out by a single person or two. Puran was today produces before the Kalimpong Court and has been subsequently sent to 14-days in judicial custody. Source: EOI

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