‘Warnamala Pariwar’ – Promoting Nepali literature, culture, language and identity

Music, fun, learning and passion for our language is what sets “Warnamala” initiative apart from the rest group working in the same field, who only focus on one medium of transference of knowledge. “Warnamala” initiative has beautifully incorporated and infused all these aspects and together and seeks to bring about a revolution in the way, how Nepali is taught and learned at the basic levels.

Deoashish Mothey and the “Warnamala Pariwar”
Deoashish Mothey and the “Warnamala Pariwar” Promoting Nepali
literature, culture, language and identity

“The DC team sends a warm “Shout Out” to Deoashish Mothey and the “Warnamala Pariwar” for their tireless efforts towards promoting Nepali vernacular, literature, culture, language and identity through music and animated films for Children” – The Darjeeling Chronicle

The project has come up with a book – “Warnamala” – which teaches the children about Nepali alphabets through illustrated characters which the children can relate to, and an animated poem which the children can listen to, watch and learn from and enjoy the process of learning.

Old Nepali poems and stories that teach children about the local birds and animals like – Gaunthali ko Chiri Bir… Chari ko Sawai…Gham-Pani Gham-Pani Syal ko Bihey…are taught through singing and music.

Warnamala Pariwar – Nepali warnamala Promo Video

Deoashish’s family originally from Chamoong tea estate, had settled in Rambi and that is where Deoashish developed the idea and passion for infusing our traditional heritage with modern animation technology in order to make learning Nepali vernaculars exciting for the students.

Recently Jadavupur University, School of Media and Communications, Kolkata had invited Deoashish and his team of amazingly talented young artists and Language Ambassadors to undertake a workshop on Propagation of Language and Culture through the use of media.

Even though “Warnamala Pariwar” is has kep a low profile, but their passion, enthusiasm and amazingly brilliant and unique contributions towards the propagation of Nepali language, culture, tradition and alphabets are starting to become widely recognized, and we at TheDC are honoured to be sending a “shout out” on behalf of the people of Darjeleing to them for the awesome work they are doing.

Source: The Darjeeling Chronicle

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