From sepoy to officer – Gorkhali Son Makes Father and Community Proud

Christopher Rai is a solider of soldiers, he joined the army as a sepoy when he was only 16 and a half years. But his hard work, perseverance, and love for motherland pushed him on for higher things and that has resulted in him Graduating from the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun on the June 14th, 2014. He will be joining as Lieutenant with the Artillery Regiment.
Son of Subedar Major (Retd.) Dil Kumar Rai of 7/11 Gorkha Rifles and Mrs. Chandrakala Rai who are residents of Lebong Cart road, below Tibetan Refugee Center, Darjeeling (previously from West Point Upper Dali), Lt. Christopher completed his schooling from St. Joseph’s Darjeeling, and joined the army immediately after that.

Christopher Rai From sepoy  to officer - Gorkhali Son Makes Father and Community Proud
Christopher Rai From sepoy  to officer – Gorkhali Son Makes Father and Community Proud

Like his father, Lt. Christopher was initially was posted with the 7/11 GR but he continued with his education even while in the army and gave his best at what he did. Seeing his dedication, intelligence and abilities, the Service Selection Board (SSB) recommended Christopher for commission and he joined the prestigious Indian Military Academy.

Even at IMA, Dehradun Lt. Christopher shined and completed his training with flying colours, he has been awarded the Vice Chief Army Staff Commendation Card for Meritorious service.
Christopher’s story is indeed inspiring to the entire Gorkhali community not just for the fact that he is an officer today, but because he joined at the ranks and through his dedication and hard work earned his right to become an officer.

In an emotional message to his son, proud father SM (Retd.) D K Rai said, “’I am very proud of you my son Christopher (Gunjan). Today you became a Commissioned Officer of the Indian Army, which made us very proud and happy. You added a colorful feather on my hat. I was always dreaming for this day, today you have done it and made our whole family proud. This is a result of your hard working which will lead you to your destination.

Till yesterday you were known by my name but today onwards I will be known by your name. I always pray to Almighty God for your betterment in your every step because you have entered your New Life with a lot of challenges. Keep It Up!!”

Everyone is happy with Lt. Christopher’s amazing performance and proud of his achievement, especially his elder sister Priscilla Prerna Rai who put things in perspective for us when she said, “As a sister I am already proud, but the accomplishment of my brother makes me feel that Gorkhalis are very capable and intellectually equipped of being at par with the rest of the country.”

It is rare to see both father and son raise through the ranks, rarer yet to see the son outdo his father. Lt. Christopher you have made not just your family or Darjeeling, but the entire Gorkhali community proud.
Hat’s off!!

“2014 has been a proud year for the Gorkhalis and between DT and The Darjeeling Chronicle we have been able to report about 13 Gorkhalis Commissioned as Officers in the Indian Army so far, which is in and of itself an astounding number.

We hope more and more of our younger generation will keep on outdoing the performance of our ancestors.” – DC

Source: The Darjeeling Chronicle

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