Lance Naik Kalicharan Gurung Vir Chakra 2/4 Gorkha Rifles

On 25 July 1948, the forward elements of C Company, 2/4 Gorkha Rifles while advancing towards Kanzalwan in J&K came under heavy enemy fire and were effectively pinned down.

Lance Naik Kalicharan Gurung
Lance Naik Kalicharan Gurung

Lance Naik Kalicharan Gurung, a Section Commander, was ordered to advance along a flank and assist the remainder Platoon to pull out. It was a difficult task for Lance Naik Kalicharan’s Section as the enemy had trapped the Platoon in a gully bringing down fire from all directions. Undeterred by effective enemy fire the young Kalicharan managed to occupy a tactical position and brought fire to bear upon the enemy positions. He then crawled forward a considerable distance towards the enemy position and with raw courage killed two enemy soldiers to facilitate evacuation of own casualties lying in the open. With utter disregard to his personal life and amidst hail of bullets, he brought back two of his wounded comrades, dressed their wounds and successfully withdrew the Section.

Lance Naik Kalicharan Gurung showed exceptional initiative, cool courage, determination and leadership of the highest order and was able to save lives of his colleagues and was awarded the Vir Chakra.

Source: ADGPI – Indian Army

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