Sajha Manch efforts to develop Mirik Lake as natural tourism destination

Mirik-based tourism stakeholders’ organisation Sajha Manch has continued its efforts to develop the region as a major natural tourism destination by planting flower and tree sapling all over. Underdeveloped for the past two decades due to negligence and lack of awareness, the Phoolbari Maidan in Mirik is set to bloom in the next six months with various species of flowers planted by the organisation. The tourists who frequent the region and the ones who have plans to visit the place again are upbeat the area will be more vibrant and colourful by next year.

Mirik Lake.
Mirik Lake .

The Phoolbari Maidan was established by the then state government in the 1970s as one of the key tourism spot in Mirik and has been a major attraction for thousands of tourists since then. The park used to have eye catching array of various Himalayan and other species of flowers back in the days, recalls a family from Maharashtra, who had visited Mirik 25 years back. However, looking at the current state of the area, they expressed their dissatisfaction on the condition of different tourist spots and the government’s negligence on the sector. Observing the work done by Sajha Manch, the family appraised the efforts by the organisation and hoped the park will return back to its former glory.

Manch president Santa Mani Rai said his organisation is working with the motto “Aaphno Samjhau, aaphai sajjau” and in the first stage of the development the organisation is working on beautifying the park by planting large verities of flowers. “The park will be have the same ambience and beauty as it used to have before,” he added. Rai further said any people who love and wishes well for Mirik can lend their hand in the process to beautify it and promote tourism here in a grander way. He informed a Siliguri based businessman has donated 10 concrete chairs for the park and many more such help is expected and anticipated from other well wishers. The Manch has also continued its efforts to develop Mirik Lake by planting trees along the banks and by helping in cleaning efforts.


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