Gorkha Rifles (GR) celebrated the ‘Phillora day’

The valiant veterans of the Gorkha Rifles (GR) celebrated the ‘Phillora day’ at the Garhi cantonment area here on Sunday. The soldiers of the 5/9 Gorkha Rifles showed exemplary courage in the battle of Phillora in 1965 while conquering the Pakistani post. The battalion lost 30 soldiers in the famous battle and Government of India conferred the Phillora Battle of Honour to 5/9 GR for its supreme sacrifice. The battalion was raised at Birpur in Dehradun on January 1, 1963.

 Gorkha Rifles (GR) celebrated the ‘Phillora day’
Gorkha Rifles (GR)

The day was celebrated with enthusiasm by the veterans and the serving soldiers of the GR. Under the leadership of Colonel of Battalion, Colonel KK Chatterjee, Sena Medal, the day started with observation of a two minute silence to pay homage to the martyrs who lost their lives in the battle to capture Phillora. In his address Chatterjee paid glowing tributes to the Gorkha warriors who participated in the famous battle and said that these soldiers with their valor ensured that the name of their battalion is written in golden letters in the history of Indian army.

The battle of Phillora was the first major engagement between the armies of India and Pakistan in the war of 1965. Located in Sialkot sector Phillora witnessed one of the largest tank battles during the war of 1965.  In the battle the 5/9 GR lost 30 soldiers while 86 were wounded.

Colonel H S Bainsala Sena Medal, Lt Colonel Rajesh Parmar, Colonel AK Kapila (Rtd), Colonel VS Khatri (Rtd), Major RM Thakur (Rtd), Honorary Captain Bharat Singh Thapa (Rtd), Subedar HS Khatri (Rtd) and others participated in the celebration to commemorate the day.

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