Deusi and Bhailo competition organized by Darjeeling Press Guild

The Darjeeling Press Guild (DPG) in association with the information and cultural department of the Gorkhaland Territorias Administration (GTA) on Thursday organized the first ever “Deusi” and “Bhailoni” competition in Darjeeling.

Deusi and Bhailo - file photo
Deusi and Bhailo – file photo

The competition is aimed at preserving and exhibiting the rich culture and tradition of the Hills which is on the wane and also to promote it for the next generation to follow.

Deusi and Bhailoni is a tradition of singing hymns in praise of Lord Rama during the Diwali (Tihar) festival who defeated the “Asura”- Baliraja and returned to his kingdom. Deusi is played by the malemembers while Bhailoni by the female gender going house to house, narrating Lord Rama’s exploit and Baliraja’s death in the form of song.

The organizers to encourage people to participate also fixed cash prize to winners. “The cash prize is secondary and a form of showing gratitude to the participants. We did not expect such a response from the participants and the people. We are doing our bit to contribute inpreserving and promoting our culture and tradition,” said Pranab Chhetri, the DPG general secretary.

Source: Eoi

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