GJM compromised the statehood demand for tribal status – CPRM

The Communist Party of Revolutionary Marixist (CPRM) on Sunday accused the GJM of compromising with the statehood demand for the sake of obtaining tribal status for the people of the hills of Darjeeling.

GJM compromised the statehood demand for tribal status - CPRM
Communist Party of Revolutionary Marxist today called for a pan-India movement
to achieve a separate Gorkhaland state- file photo

The aspiration for a separate state, which was the ultimate demand of the Hills people, should not be compromised by greed for temporary settlements, party leaders said.

Addressing supporters on the ocassion to mark the 19th year of the formation of the party, CPRM president R.B.Rai said: “Presently, there are talks of granting tribal status to some communities of the Hills by the central government. However, it must be remembered that tribal status and a separate state are two distinct demands. There cannot be any compromise or bargain between the two”.

The CPRM’s assertion comes at a time when the ruling Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) is lobbying hard with the Centre to confer tribal status to 10 Hills communities. The GJM leadership a few days ago had even claimed that Union tribal affairs minister Jual Oram had assured its party delegation in Delhi that the Delhi would grant ST status to the ten communities, soon.

The CPRM president however viewed the GJM demand as betraying the greater cause of a separate Gorkha state and that achieving tribal status was something that related to the socio-economical uplift of the Hills communities. “As far as the ST issue is concerned, it is more in line of getting economical support through reservations. But, achieving a separate state means safeguarding our political identity because it will be for the entire Gorkha community of the country,” asserted Rai.

CPRM was formed in December 1996, after breaking away from the CPIM party because of ideological and has gone on to become the second largest Hills party. However, of late the party is seeing a downslide with the GJM coming into prominence.

This the CPRM leader admitted with a pinch of salt. “Over the years, our party has had to face adversaries in the form of the Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF) earlier and now the GJM, both of whom have betrayed the Gorkhaland cause. However, what gives us strength and a boost is to know that we are the lone party to stand by our demand, despite the ups and down,” Rai said.

The CPRM president pointing the misrule of the governments in the state and Centre linked it to the hegemonic rule of the present dispensation in the Hills and asked supporters not to lose courage. “The BJP replaced the Congress but there is no ‘Achcha Din’ yet. In Bengal, too, the TMC is covered in corruption and atrocities. The GJM it seems has been affected, however, our party will continue to give strength to the voice of the people,” Rai said.

Asking supporters to brace for a long struggle to achieve the statehood demand, the CPRM president said future political programs would be chalked in the coming days which would include making people aware of the party’s activities.


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