Gurung Meets Mamata in Private, asked to Transfer All Departments to GTA

The GTA and GJM Chief Bimal Gurung met with Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee in private yesterday.

According to sources, the meeting which was held at the Chief Minister’s Chamber in Nabanna was held for over 45 minutes, and there was no one present in the office other than Mamata and Bimal.
After the meeting was over, Bimal Gurung told the press that he paid courtesy visit to Mamata, however political circle have been abuzz with the meeting, with many being suspicious of the GJM motives.

Gurung Meets Mamata in Private
G urung Meets Mamata in Private

The GJM Chief had gone down to Kolkata on Friday with senior GJM members, and speculations were on that he was there to attend the BJP rally in Dharmatalla, but he was conspicuous by his absence, and those in the know are saying that Bimal was not invited to the BJP rally.

When asked if he was in Kolkata to attend the BJP rally, Bimal replied that he was in Kolkata for Puja.

However Bimal is known to have requested for a meeting with Mamata and he was allowed to meet her yesterday at the Secretariat, without the presence of anyone.

When pressed for details Mr. Gurung said, that he met the CM to discuss the pending transfer of various department from the state government to GTA, and also to discuss the issue of withdrawing all the cases filed against Morcha activists during the Gorkhaland agitation. The CM, he said, has assured of cooperation and support.

“It was a courtesy call. There are some pending cases against GJM activists and we urged Banerjee to initiate political process of discussions for withdrawal of those cases,” Gurung told media persons after the meeting.

Source- DC

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