Gorkha Rifles -Vintage photo Gallery

Vintage photo Gallery of Gorkha Rifles, one of the bravest soldiers on earth, on the occasion of the completing 200 years of courage, dedication, devotion to duty and martyrdom – Photos says it all. Known for their Khukris and their ‘Aayo Gorkhali’ battle cry Gorkha Regiment completes 200 years of soldiering. Today Gorkha Rifles will complete 200 years of service to the nation. First Gorkha Rifle was formed on 24 April 1815.

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1st Battalion and tanks attacking at Singhu, 1945 1st Battalion Gurkha Officers Malakand 1939 - seated centre Honorary Lieutenant & Subedar Major Maniraj Gurung OBI Sirdar Bahadur 1st Battalion Gurkha or Gorkha Officers, Kakul 1941 1st Battalion machine gunner near Thal Fort , Waziristan c 1940 2nd Battalion 'At the ready' Waziristan 1937 3rd Gurkha Rifles Group Photo 3rd-and-10th-gorkha-rifles DURING THE SECOND WORLD WAR 4th-Gorkha-Rifles-in-kabul-in-about-1880 4th gurkha rifles at fort white 31 5th Gurkha or Gorkha  Rifles, Japan 1946 5th Gurkha or Gorkha Regiment & 72nd Highlanders 1878 Northwest Frontie 5th Royal Gurkha or Gorkha Rifles North-West Frontier 1923 44thGurkhas 1939-45-WWII-4th-Gurkha-Rifles-leaping-into-battle 1939-45-WWII-7th-Gurkha-Rifles-gunners-in-Italy A pre-war 10th Gurkha Rifles shooting team in 1920 Assam-light-Infantry-later-6th-Gorkha-Rifles-1890 Crossing the Irrawaddy, 1944 Gorkha Rifle in Tunisia 1943 Gorkha Rifles Kukri  Inspection Somewhere in France in WWI Gorkha-rifles-old-photo- Gurkhas advancing with Lee tanks to clear the Japanese from Imphal-Kohima road between 8 March - 3 July 1944 In support of the 2nd Battalion, Indian Mountain Artillery guns carried by mules North West Frontier 1920 Jemadar Pahalman Gurung, Hon Lt & Subedar Major Maniraj Gurung OBI Sirdar Bahadur and a Havildar Major, Malakand 1939 Map India 1900-1947 Old News Paper cuttings of Gorkha Rifles Orders of Dress, Malakand 1939. Hon Lt and Subedar Major Maniraj Rai is third from left Gorkha Rifles Subedar Kharaksing Gurung and his winning Khud Race runners of the 2nd Battalion 1936-1937 The Nusseree Battalion Later Known As The 1st Gurkha or Gorkha Rifles Circa 1857 The spoils of war Subadar Bombahadhur Rai of 4th Battalion with Japanese sword captured in Burma 1944 WW1 1916 POW Prisoner of War in Germany Gurkha Gorkas India Soldier Old Postcard WW1 1916 Prisoner of War POW Gurkha Gurkasse British Indian Soldier Old Postcard

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