Gorkhas Feel The Need For All India Apex Civil Body To Voice Their Concerns

May 27, New Delhi: The need for Gorkhas from different parts of India to come together when they face intolerable atrocities was felt most in the recent Gurgaon case. Three young Gorkha men in their 20s were ruthlessly beaten up by locals in Nathupur, Gurgaon and though the case is moving forward, there are still certain hurdles.

Only five of the 20+ accused have been arrested till date. The matter reached another tangent while during protests for immediate action outside DCP Saharan’s office in Gurgaon, an ASI made derogatory racial remarks against Gorkha and North East women linking them to prostitution. An inquiry committee has been set up to investigate the alleged remarks of ASI Sheetal Das and necessary disciplinary action will be taken assures ACP Rajesh Kumar.

On a positive note, constant follow up and financial support by Darjeeling MP SS Ahluwalia, immense support from Delhi Police Joint CP IPS Robin Hibu, Linda Newmai of NE BJP Cell have led to the victims being placed in a nursing home, receiving proper treatment and the highest order of punishment being deemed necessary for the accused.

Youths and concerned persons including organizations like Gorkha Youth and Students Association (GYASA), ARNOVA, Hills Hornbill Express Manipur, Hope and Humanity, DPNE representatives from Darjeeling among others are following up on the case and suggesting additional measures for better lives for Gorkha community in metro cities.

Gorkhas Feel The Need For All India Apex Civil Body To Voice Their Concerns
Rajen Chhetry, Gorkha Youth and Students Association

Rajen Chhetry of GYASA spoke to ESM on the case and the need for a central forum to look after the welfare of the Gorkha community especially in hate crimes like this. “We know that five have been arrested in the Gurgaon case, we’ve been following up closely on the case. Just to ensure that the pressure is built on, we have submitted a memorandum to Tura MP PA Sangma. We would like this to go out to every person even Dr. Najma Heptullah who the Minority Affairs Minister. With this incident we have realized that Gorkhas are scattered all over, so we have taken an initiative to form an all India level forum for Gorkhas. It will be a specific non political organization which will speak for the common Gorkhas. We hope that it will be a strong voice for us,” apprised Chhetry on the sidelines of an event on Monday evening.

Chhetry further reiterated the need for ground level implantation of the Bezbaruah Committee recommendations. “ It needs to start from the ground level. The way we know Bangalore or Chennai, was through reading NCERT books, likewise these books should include matter on North East as per Bezbaruah Committee recommendations. Heroes from North East should be highlighted. The departments from union government especially should visit the north East and stay for a couple of months to understand their issues. So it has to be a learning for all. The Bezabrauh Committee was one specific blessing for us, we now have 48 Delhi Police North East Representatives who are the voice of North East.”

He however rued about the ground reality, “Slowly but steadily, things are happening but a lot more has to be done. There are many other instances cropping up, like the one of another landlord beating up his tenant at Mahipalpur. Another recent incident of a Gorkha lady being verbally harassed has been reported in Sector 29, Gurgaon and an FIR has been lodged. So there should be an end to this, it is too much now.”

Source: easternskymedia

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