Bharati Tamang discharged from the Hospital

Ms. Bharati Tamang, AIGL President and wife of Late Madan Tamang has recovered from health complication arising after her hunger strike and has been released from the hospital.

Speaking to the press briefly Ms. Tamang said, “I respect the law of the land and I have full faith in the court systems…”

She added, “I do feel weak, so I will be heading home straight away, as doctors have advised me to take complete rest… I will decide on the future course of action only after that…”

No one from AIGL or Democratic Front, under whose banner Ms. Bharati Tamang had launched her hunger strike, were present at the hospital, and only her family members were present.

Apparently all the AIGL leaders had gone to meet Bengal Chief Minister Mamata at that time, where as other Democratic Front leaders had a meeting going on at the same time.

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