GYASA organized Bhanu Jayanti and first Gorkha community meeting in Delhi with DPNE

Rajen Chhetry – GYASA

201st Bhanu Bhakta Jayanti and 1st Delhi/NCR Gorkha community meeting with Delhi Police for North East

GYASA (Gorkha Youth and Students Association) would like to thank everyone for joining the community meeting in Delhi on the occasion of  Bhanu Jayanti. They would also like to express their gratitude to Robin Hibu, Jt. CP, Delhi Police and DPNE for hosting them and addressing the meeting.

GYASA organized Bhanu Jayanti and first Gorkha community meeting in Delhi
201st Bhanu Bhakta Jayanti and 1st Delhi/NCR Gorkha community meeting

The minutes of today’s meeting are as follows:

The program started with a Welcome note by Tshering Lepcha, Research scholar in JNU.

After setting the context of the meeting, Robin Hibu, Jt CP, Delhi Police for North-East inaugurated the function by lighting candles in commemoration of Aadhi Kavi Bhanu Bhakta Acharya followed by a brief overview of his life and work by Prem Prasad Sharma from GYASA. Gorkha Youth and Student Association member Indra Limbu recited a piece from Bhanu Bhakta’s work, specifically the poem ‘Mero Desh Mahaan’

After a quick round of introduction with Gorkha individuals and organization representatives, Rajen Chhetry (GYASA) provided a brief presentation of initiatives, vision, and demands of GYASA in Delhi/NCR region.

Robin Hibu, IPS then addressed the gathering on the current issues facing marginalized communities in Delhi/NCR. Nodal Officer of Delhi Police gave a powerpoint presentation on the existing challenges and initiatives taken by Delhi Police for Northeast people in Delhi. He appealed to the gathering to come together and work for the social security and welfare of the Gorkha community living in Delhi/NCR region.

His points are summarized as follows:
Formation of a non-political apex body representing the interest of Gorkha people living across different cities. Seeing the work and activities of GYASA, Robin Hibu sir endorsed the idea of supporting GYASA as a representative body for the community to liaison with police and administrative machineries.

Frequent interaction between Delhi Police and DPNE Gorkha representatives to discuss on different social agendas

To mobilize support and financial assistance to encourage brilliant students coming from poor financial background. Focus should be building EDUCATIONAL infrastructure so we can work towards to seeing more Gorkhas in UPSC, law, and other vocations in top bodies of the government.
Career guidance for professionals and students
Activate Gorkha Welfare Center as an emergency support system for people in distress. Work towards making the welfare center more accessible to people in distress and in emergency needs
Plan and organize an Annual Gorkha Day in Delhi to promote Gorkha culture, art, literature, etc, and conduct more community outreach initiatives. Participate in fairs,  exhibition and other cultural events to promote the Gorkha identity.

To have more interaction and support with other 8 North-East eastern states students unions, NGOs, and other forums to resolve common grievances at Delhi.

Mobilize and start a self defence training program for Gorkhas girls in Delhi to be trained by Delhi police self-defence team. GYASA and other NGOs in Delhi can work on mobilizing girls for the program immediately and will conduct the sessions as early as possible.

After the session, Robin sir accepted questions from the audience group. Gorkhas from NCR asked about DPNE like initiatives in their respective cities and how to approach the authorities for an initiative like DPNE in GURGAON and NOIDA too. GYASA will work closely with NE Helpline (1093) and DPNE FACEBOOK page to support the cause of Gorkhas and other North-Eastern communities living in NCR.

This ended the first session of the function and Robin Hibu sir left the meeting after a brief photo session and refreshment with the gathering.

In the second session of the event, members from different organizations and individuals discussed the existing issues facing Gorkha people in NCR. The gathering jointly agreed upon the need to establish an emergency/crisis help center in Gorkha Welfare Center. GYASA and other NGOs will pursue on the matter and will approach all Gorkha authorities and civil bodies for help.

Need for a regular and frequent meeting/gathering of Gorkhas and work on various agendas for the welfare of the community. Need for more network was felt as many members were yet to know of any such initiatives in NCR.

Some members expressed the need to financially support such community initiatives and set up a contingency fund which can be used for the support of organizations working for the Gorkha community in Delhi/NCR.

We apologize on missing out on a formal vote of thanks to the gathering as we were running out of time. We had the hall with us till 6:00 PM. We thanks each and every Gorkha who was present for the meeting today. Your presence and support reassures us that we are heading the right path. We thank Shri Robin Hibu sir for hosting the Gorkha community and offering us SUPWC Conference hal for the meeting. We cannot thank you enough for your work towards the North East and Gorkha community in Delhi. GYASA organizing committee and our volunteer brothers coming out to help. GYASA Gurgaon for such amazing support. Many of you had to take leaves for the event today. Respect and Hats off for your love for the Gorkhas. Raymond Rai brother, sorry we could not listen to your song today. We will make up for it brother.

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