GYASA delegation met GTA Secretary-General Roshan Giri

24th July, 2015: Gorkha Youth and Student Association (GYASA) thanks Shri Roshan Giri, Executive Member Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) and Secretary-General of Gorkha Janmukhti Morcha (GJM), for meeting GYASA delegation on 24 July 2015 and discussed about various issues concerning Gorkhas in Delhi/NCR. We also appreciate his efforts for taking up the issue of setting up a Central University in Darjeeling region with the centre.

Gorkha Youth and Student Association (GYASA) with Shri Roshan Giri
Gorkha Youth and Student Association (GYASA) with Shri Roshan Giri

During the summon we with him, we discussed about the various social issues concerning our Gorkha community and GYASA initiatives in the Delhi/NCR. He was very supportive regarding our efforts and encouraged us to continue for the welfare of our community living in the cities. We also discussed and appealed for his support and help on the following our agendas-

  1. To make Gorkha Welfare Center more accessible during emergency situation and for people in distress. We strongly feel that the Gorkha Welfare Center, if used as a support center for people in need and distress, would go a long way in reassuring a sense of security and support for the people living here.
  2. Some of the recent assault case on the three Gorkha boys from Darjeeling, and stalking and assault on one Gorkha sister are now highlighted in court. The main issue is, we have been struggling with finding a lawyer to represent Gorkha in these cases. As we want your assistance to explore options for appointing a panel or lawyers in Delhi/NCR who can speak for us during such emergency. Thus the panel can handle all Gorkha related cases that needs legal advice and counselling. Some of the North Eastern states have recently initiated such step and it has gone a long way in building confidence among the community that they are safe in the city.
  3. Request the GTA administration to approach the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) with an appeal to appoint people from Darjeeling into Delhi Police. Most of the North Eastern states have nominated their personals. As recently, Delhi Police for North East (DPNE) has also taken Darjeeling and Gorkhas under their ambit and we are very optimistic that some of our people can also be nominated for the DPNE initiative.

We believe that such small initiatives can go a long way to help both the administration and the common people in maintaining law and order and to ensure a feeling of safety and security among Gorkha people living in Delhi/NCR. He assured that we will take up our case with the concerned authorities and help us in all possible ways and advised us to also meet Shri Bimal Gurung, Chief Executive of GTA and Chief of GJM during his Delhi visit sometime in August. We thank him for all of his time and support.

Source: Gorkha Youth and Students’ Association of India – GYASA

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