GYASA met Mahendra P. Lama at JNU Delhi

27th July, 2015: GYASA (Gorkha Youth and Student Association) expressed their gratitude to Professor Mahendra P. Lama , the founding president of the DDUDF, for taking time to see them at Jawaharlal Nehru University. It was a fruitful session where they felt intellectually enriched they said. As he was very supportive of the social movement initiated by GYASA, and encouraged them to stay focused in their vision. As the movement grows, staying focused on the goal will be challenging and crucial to the success of the movement.

GYASA met Mahendra P. Lama at JNU Delhi
GYASA met Mahendra P. Lama at JNU Delhi

Prof. Lama says that EDUCATION is the prime key of the upliftment of the Gorkha society. Where he said “Shisha ko kheti” or “Gyan ko kheti” is what we must do to get more Gorkha people into our policy-making and governance in the country. Most of our people, despite being first or second educated generation have achieved quite a feat in all spheres – be it civil services, academics, military service, or private sector. Our people are extremely talented but we do not have proper guidance and counseling for the students.

While education is essential, we also must not forget our roots. NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER SURRENDER FOR PETTY GAINS! THINK BIG! NEVER FORGET YOUR ROOTS, says Prof. Lama. This is because we must inculcate the culture of giving back to the society in our own little way. An institutionalized effort for research and development must be done on our language, culture, and history. While our language has been constitutionally recognized not substantial had happened for research and study into the language.

Prof. Lama in his own words says, “Unfortunately our political leaderships have failed us in every respect. They have been so lacklustre, under-rated at all levels; ignorant to the hilt; marginalised by virtue of their background and acts; harmfully shortsighted and self centric at the highest societal cost. They are seemingly a bunch of emotions, hollow promises with dangerous instincts of self prophesy and survival. They have become local lords and regional cocoons. As a result, the national image and power of the Gorkhas have steadily eroded and widely stigmatised thereby putting the very future of coming generation in total jeopardy.

Hope lies in the resurrection, commitment and re-emergence and active role of the Gorkha youths to come together nationwide and question these leaderships and imbibe in them larger issues of aspirations of the youths. Only this will bring about a healthy and far reaching transformation. It is some sort of a beginning of renaissance within the pan-India community.”

We must be aware of the changing cosmopolitan needs in terms of skills and career growth. Nurturing a READING HABIT amongst the youth is of prime importance to spread the message. We have all the traits of the most civilized society – polite and respectful to others, humble, communally and religiously tolerant, and so on. However the basic premise of a civilized society, EDUCATION is missing. Once we have the weapon education with us, nothing can stop the Gorkhas from achieving what we aspire to be.

Educated youth and individuals must take part in social movement and contribute more towards changing our social mindset and channelize the energy of our coming generation into more socially constructive activities.

Source – GYASA

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