KKRSS met tribal minister Jual Oram at Delhi

Kirati Khambu Rai Sanskritik Sansthan Delhi NCR unit lead by the newly elected convener of Delhi NCR unit Sachin Bantawa Rai met the Tribal minister Jual Oram today in his office. The team, who were there thanked the tribal minister for helping the Khambu community along with the 10 other communities of  Darjeeling in their demand for the tribal status. KKRSS Delhi NCR Unit was formed on 8th June 2015 in the meeting attended by Central Committee General Secretary Binita Khambu Rai, Central Committee members Prof Jog Chamling Rai and Shankamani Rai in Hauz Khas New Delhi.

KKRSS met tribal minister Jual Oram at Delhi
KKRSS met tribal minister Jual Oram at Delhi

Bantawa said they had a positive talk with the tribal minister. He also stated as per the discussion on 8th June with General secretary Binita Khambu Rai , the main reason behind the formation of KKRSS DELHI NCR unit was to make the demand for schedule tribe status stronger . There are many Khambus in Delhi and North India and we can bring them together to spread awareness about our culture, rituals and languages.

The other main reason behind the formation of KKRSS Delhi unit is Delhi being the heart and soul of India many Khambu students go to Delhi for further studies, many youths decide to try their luck with employment in Delhi. When they come for the first time they face many difficulties hence this KKRSS Delhi NCR unit will be helping any people from our community coming in from Darjeeling, Sikkim or any part of India. Also many people come in for their treatment in Delhi and at such point our unit will be helping them in every possible way .This unit is not just for the Khambus but for any community coming from the hills and who require help.
By Prashant Acharya

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