Siliguri Gorkha Manch submitted petitions for Road and Primary School for Totgaon

A delegation of Siliguri Gorkha Manch, today met the G.P Pradhan, Bagrakot, S.D.O Malbazar and submitted petitions for Pacca Road and Primary School for Totgaon which has been grossly neglected by the administration. At this age of internet, poor village people of Totgaon are deprived of basic needs eg road, drinking water, school etc.

Siliguri Gorkha Manch submitted petitions for Road and Primary School for Totgaon

The village people submitted a mass petition to this organization to peruse separate case for Pacca road and a primary school for the village. A delegation of this manch led by General secretary Suren Pradhan had visited the village and found the condition of village people to be very deplorable as there is no Pacca road, drinking water, primary school etc. Basing on the mass petition received from the villagers action was taken.

The G.P Pradhan, Bagrakot Ms Suchitra Minj was very supportive and assured of positive and prompt actions. SGM members couldn’t meet the B.D.O Mrs Sangey Pema Bhutia as she was out on duty however SGM handed over letter to her receipt section.

SGM met Mr Jyotirmoy Tanti, S.D.O Malbazar who gave assurance of positive and prompt action. ADM (General) and D.M Jalpaiguri were also out on official duty however letters have been handed over to their C.As and receipt received for the same.

Secondly ADM LR was approached for Removal of mobile tower from Kholachand Fapri and the ADM LR has directed B.D.O, B.L. & B.L.R.O Rajganj Jalpaiguri for an enquiry so today a letter was handed over to him, requesting him to intimate present position of the case.

Delegation comprised of Smt Sudha Passi, Smt Mamta Lama, Sunil Rai, C.B Rai and general secretary Suren Pradhan were present.

Via: Siliguri Times

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