GYASA and RP Sharma MP Assam to work together on ’empowerment through education”

Dinesh Sharma

09 August 2015: GYASA, Gorkha Youth and Student Association, delegates met with Shri Ram Prasad Sharma, a Gorkha Member of Parliament from Assam. We had such a positive meeting that the expected half an hour meeting stretched to 4 hours and two rounds of chai. Reminiscing his days of students politics and bhasha aandolan, RP Sharma sir opened and told us several of his youthful adventures and mesmerizing stories.

GYASA meeting with RP Sharma MP Assam
GYASA meeting with RP Sharma MP Assam

RP Sir’s one point agenda is “WE NEED MORE UPSC SUCCESS STORIES”. He strongly believes most of our problems will be solved if we can get more Gorkhas through UPSC and other high-ranking positions in the country. We will be working together with RP Sharma on this issue of ’empowerment through education” which also happens to be a vision of GYASA. We also discussed about various other issues like a community center Delhi for all Gorkhas, demand HRD Ministry for constituting a language development board, and various other issues.

While emphasizing on the need to counsel, motivate, and educate our upcoming generations, RP sir also pointed out that despite being such a huge community in India, we are yet to see a Gorkha Governor, Cabinet Minister Rank, Defence General, and so on. If we have our priority set on EDUCATION, the day is not fare when we will have our own Gorkha personality at the helm of affairs.

RP sir also emphasized upon the need to work in tandem with the police department to assist Gorkhas living in Delhi/NCR. While insisting on our right, it is also fundamental that we perform our duties.


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