Lepcha Para Teachers Lift 109 Day Old Agitation – Claim Victory

Lifting their 109 day old agitation, the Lepcha Para teachers whose appointment is still under judicial adjudication yesterday claimed victory.

Lepcha Para Teachers on protest
Lepcha Para Teachers on protest

The West Bengal government had appointed Lepcha language Para teachers on April 15, 2015. However Bengal government had done so without any consultation with the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration, GTA had in turn filed a court case citing the fact that primary education was a transferred subject under the GTA Accord, and thus the appointment be called null and void.
After the filing of the court case, the Hon’ble Kolkata High Court had put a stay on the appointment of the Para teachers, until a judgement was reached in the case.

Thus it took many by surprise when the agitating teacher appointees started to burst crackers and claimed victory. The reason for their joy it turned out was a letter written by West Bengal State School Education Department Secretary Mr. A Roy to Darjeeling District Magistrate.

The letter reads that the Mayel Lyang Lepcha Development Board (MYLDB) which comes under the West Bengal Tribal Development Board (WBTDB) has requested that the agitating 46 teachers be included in Lepcha Medium schools currently being run by MYLDB. The Chief Secretary of WBTDB and Additional Joint Secretary of the Home Department have issued “No Objection,” thus the District Magistrate may allow the appointment of these teachers in Lepcha Medium School and Night Schools as Para teachers.

Speaking to the press, Mr. Peter Lepcha a representative of the agitating teachers said, “till our case is resolved this is a temporary settlement on our behalf, and we are very happy, as our salary is being accrued since August 1st… we are most thankful to the State Government for making this temporary arrangement until there is final decision on our appointment from the court…”

He further stated that, “this is a victory of our agitation, and even though schools under MYLDB might be unrecognized, at least we are happy that there will be some reduction in unemployment in the hills.”

They have lifted their agitation.

Via – TheDC

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