Mirik lad Prabhat Thapa, was he a victim of injustice?

Prabhat Thapa was an ambitious,hardworking and diligent son of Mirik who died yesterday. He was a helpful person always looking towards the upliftment of the society and fighting for the right of the people. The whole of Mirik is shocked at the sudden demise of a youth who could have contributed so much for the upliftment of our society.

Mirik lad Prabhat Thapa, was he a victim of injustice?
Mirik lad Prabhat Thapa

He was in Kolkata at the time of his death. He was there to file a case against what he thought was an injustice done to him.

Was he really a victim of injustice? I am leaving this decision at the discretion of the readers to decide.

The matter is related to examination for “Recruitment of SI/LSI in West Bengal Police – 2013” (Preliminary Examination).

Prabhat Thapa had appeared in the examination as an OBC (B) candidate.
On declaration of the result Prabhat’s Roll No. was not in the list. As Prabhat was expecting good marks he filed an RTI application asking for the cut off and the answer key.

The details in the reply for his RTI were:
1.The cut off for the Unreserved Candidate was- 103.5
2.Prabhat had obtained 115.5

But still he had failed because the cut off for OBC(B) candidate was 119 i.e. more than the unreserved candidate. Whether the cut off of reserved OBC (B) candidate can be more than the unreserved candidate is a legal/constitutional matter and we are laymen. If any expert has a knowledge over this matter. It will be a great favor on us if they illuminate us over this matter.

This matter regarding cut-off is a different matter where a knowledge regarding legal/constitutional norms are to be known. Let the experts comment over it. The next part of the matter is where I would like everyone to pay attention to.

Prabhat matched the answers keys received through RTI with the Question paper. He found two keys wrong:

1. Question no.21 – A salesman sold 20 cars in the month of July and 40 cars in the month of August. What is the percent increase in the numbers of cars the salesman sold?
(A) 50%
(B) 100%
(C) 150%
(D) 200%

***The official answer key showed that option “D” i.e. 200% was the right answer Prabhat was of the opinion that option “B” i.e.100% was the right answer.

What do you think is the correct answer?

2.Question no.97 – Who was the first Indian Woman President of the Indian National Congress?
(A) Rajkumari Amrit Kaur
(B) Annie Besant
(C) Vijaylakshmi Pandit
(D) Sarojoni Naidu

****The answer key showed that option “B” i.e. Annie Besant was the right answer.
Prabhat was of the opinion that option “D” i.e. Sarojoni Naidu was the right answer.

Which do you think is the correct option?

If what Prabhat has argued as the correct answer was the right one in the two cases above then even after deducting the negative marks for other wrong questions his total score would have been 120.5.
That is he would have been qualified for the mains.

Prabhat thought an injustice has been done to him and it was against this injustice Prabhat wanted to appeal in the High Court/SAT and had gone to Kolkata for this. But as we now know destiny had other plans for him.

This article is not being posted to get justice for Prabhat. He is now beyond this worldly concept of justice and injustice.
This article is to highlight how unaware a person may be falling victim to some injustice. It is to highlight that one has the “the Right to Know” and how one can use the Right To Information Act to seek the information he wants. It is to highlight how to stand and fight against any injustice one feels has been done to him. It is to highlight how to have faith in justice and courage in one’s heart to stand against an unjust adversary however mighty it may be.

Prabhat could not complete the fight. The Almighty had a different destiny waiting for him. But one day some one else will win the fight. Just will prevail over the unjust. That will be the day when we will find Prabhat once again smiling among us.

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