Open letter to GNLF‬ president Mann Ghisingh on his controversial statement on traditional dress of Daura Sural and Chowbandi Choli in his recent press release.

Writes Dipendra Khati

Dear Mann Jojo,

I am very confused about on what language should I write this letter to you. Though English emanated from England (Official language of England), I found it to be universally accepted, so that is the language that I chose to communicate with you today, hope you will not be displeased with it, as it seems these days you are getting annoyed at things that are not from Darjeeling.

 Late. Subhas Ghising always wore his Dhaka-Topi with pride
Late. Subhas Ghising always wore his Dhaka-Topi with pride

According to your official statement dated 21/8/2015, you claim that Daura Suruwal is the official dress of Nepal and people going to Delhi and Kolkata in this dress are ‘पट्ट मुर्खहरु – Patt Murkha haru”.

Here, I would like to inform you that Daura Suruwal is not just Official dress of Nepal, but also the traditional dress of Nepali/Gorkha people, though some communities have their own dresses, but majority of the Gorkhali people wear it. I don’t find any logic behind your statement. Do you want us to not use Daura Suruwal, Chaubandi Choli and all other Nepali dresses and ornaments just because they are – according to you – “Official dress of Nepal?”

Ok let me accept that…

But what about language? Your official statement came in Nepali language… isn’t that “Nepal ko Sarkari bhasa”??

Going by your logic we should not be using that language too, because it’s the “official language of Nepal.” So pray tell me, why did you choose to communicate in Nepali?

Our Nepali proverb, “काम पायिनस बुहारी कनिका पोखौंदै उठा” summarizes what you just did.

I think there are many issue and topic you can talk about, and of all the things you could have talked about, you chose to speak about our जातीय पोशाक??

Late. Subash Ghising must be turning in his grave, for he always wore his “जातीय ढाकाको टोपी” with pride and in fine style. I wonder what he would have said to your comment on our जातीय पोशाक??

Moreover, I found that you sound more hypocrite when you talk about “पुरनो रिती रिवाजहरुले भरिएको बहुमुल्य संस्कृतिलाई सन्बैधनिक सुरक्षा प्रदान गर्नको लागि साथ् साथै गोर्खा जातीको चिन्हारीलाई पनि सजिलै बोक्नसक्ने नयाँ नाम करण भएको “गोर्खा हिल्ल काउन्सिल” this and later you phrase out “नेपाल देश को सरकारी पोसाक लगएर दिल्ली कोलकाता”… don’t those Daura Suruwal come under “पुरनो रिती रिवाजहरुले भरिएको बहुमुल्य संस्कृति”????

Ohh and most important issue here, you said, “गोर्खा जाती को चिन्हारीलाई पनि सजिलै बोक्नसक्ने नयाँ नाम करण भएको “गोर्खा हिल्ल काउन्सिल” really?? If the नाम करण of ‘GORKHA Hill Council’ can carry carry गोर्खा जाती को चिन्हारी then why GORKHALAND Territorial Administration (I am not a supporter of GTA) wouldn’t do the same, if not better?

By the way it seems you were not told why our Aappa Late. Subhas Ghising came and fought for Gorkhaland. As I see no mention of word Gorkhaland in your official statement. May be you forgot or…..??….

You have said “यदी यी कुराहरुमा सरकार अघी बढ़दैन भने गो रा मु मो ले हाम्रो भुभागबारे केन्द्र सरकारसित वार्ता को बाटो खोल्न वाध्य हुनेछ” what was that? What stops you? Why not??

If you want to engage with central Govt. about our land, that will be very appreciable, but I am very suspicious about that comment of yours.

Sorry Jojo, I am no body to judge you, but what I felt is… ‘हजुर पनि त्यहि ढ्यांग को मुला हुनु हुदा रैछ”

Thank you
Dipendra Khati
Well wisher of Maato and Jaati… Not Neta or Party

Via The Darjeeling Chronicle

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