Family brutally murdered in Shivmandir Siliguri

Three members of a family were brutally killed by some miscreants in a house at Shivmandir near North Bengal University in Siliguri on Tuesday.Only the daughter of the family, who stays at her in-laws, was spared.

Elderly couple and their only son of around 27 year had strangulation marks on their necks.The dead body of Pradip Bardhan (61), his wife Dipti (52) and son Prasenjit (27) was found in their newly constructed bi-storyed house around 8.30 on Tuesday morning.

The elderly man Pradip Bardhan’s body was strewn with fresh paints and a coir rope, which police suspect has been used in strangulating him, has been found beside the dead body.His wife, Dipti’s body was found in the kitchen, with a nylon rope beside the dead body. She is suspected to have been strangulated with the nylon rope.The couple’s son Prasenjit’ body was lying in another room with a long cloth covering his upper body that has probably been used to strangulate him.

Family brutally murdered in Shivmandir Siliguri
Family brutally murdered in Shivmandir Siliguri

Accordeing to sources for the past few days the Bardhan family had hired five painters who are outsiders to paint their home, out of whom 4 have gone missing because of which the locals suspect that the painters were involved in the murder.

Police have nabbed the fifth painter and are interrogating him, however people are cautioned against hiring outsiders without proper verification of their antecedents.

Such a dreaded incident have created panic among the residents of the area and Siliguri too because most of the households generally appoint laborers, workers, electricians etc. without knowing the background of them for small works. They stay in the house at that time when most people go to work and no one to protect. The members of the households can become immediate victims to those ill intentioned people.

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