Airtel 4G advertisement features Gorkha from Bhopal, Sasha Chettri

Airtel launched its new 4G advertisement on 6 August. It takes no time for this wonderful advertisement to become an instant hit. It is creating a sensation over the Internet with millions of views on Twitter.

The content of this advertisement, that is a sort of challenge, might be controversial. Many current users of Airtel are ridiculing the company for this sort of fake challenge. They are wondering why the company is unable to provide impeccable network over 2G and 3G networks.

Anyway, that is not the point here.

This advertisement is also in news for its models. The ad features two young and beautiful girls with different features, particularly their hairstyle is different. Both are cute and people want to know more about them. The girl with short hair, who wins the challenge, is currently hot favorite.

Gorkha from Bhopal, Sasha Chettri featured in Airtel 4G advertisement
Gorkha from Bhopal, Sasha Chettri featured in Airtel 4G advertisement

The name of that girl is Sasha Chettri. She is only 19 years old. She is basically from Bhopal. As a matter of fact, she was a student of All Saints’ Academy, Bhopal.

Watch her in one of the Airtel 4G advertisements below.

Later, she took admission in a BBA course. She says that modelling has always been her dream. She was registered with many modelling agencies and fortunately got a call from Taproot Dentsu, the agency which has produced this advertisement. She went Mumbai for audition and was selected.

Sasha had never imagined such type of popularity throughout India for just an advertisement. She is now planning to get settled in Mumbai for more opportunity.

She has never been seen on television. Initially, many took her as Akshara Hassan. However, that isn’t true. Taproot Dentsu was looking for a fresh face for this advertisement who has never been seen on television.

Following are some of her tweets

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