Question not for Darjeelingay or Kalimpongay but for Gorkhalander

Writes Pravat Chiso Rai

Correct and excuse me if I am wrong. I am putting these thoughts in a wider perspective . My words may not sound politically and sentimentally correct but sometimes it is important to bring bitter things on the table, it sometimes works wonders …dabai titoh huncha tara niko banaucha.. I would like to get opinions form people because I foresee a future of great rift if this sinister division plot of Mamta have to have a long and deep political and social impact. Speculations and rumours are rife about Kalimpong becoming a separate district. That is a good news for the people of Kalimpong, because that would herald a lot of good things from employment to administrative convenience. I am not anti Kalimpong or pro Darjeeling , I am just a die hard Gorkhalander . For ages Darjeeling has been like an elder sister where major chunk of administrative control is centered . In some way or the other Kalimpong is somewhat under the shadow of her elder sibling. But this arrangement had a strong and positive impact in keeping this two hills and its people united. In this fight for statehood , Darjeeling has been leading Kalimpong, Kurseong, Mirik from the forefront as a leader of this united front.

My fear is ; If Kalimpong is made a district, which means it will have its own administrative setup, from D.M to S. P and everything . In other words it will come out of the shadow of her elder sibling and be independent of her.

Question not for Darjeelingay or Kalimpongay but for Gorkhalander
Question not for Darjeelingay or Kalimpongay but for Gorkhalander

Now my question is: Will it not be a nail in the Gorkhaland coffine? My argument is ; so far Darjeeling has been leading the Gorkhaland movement and all the leaders hailed from Darjeeling. But if Kalimpong stands as a separate and independent district, I fear Darjeeling would no longer have an upper hand because Kalimpong wouldn’t be dependent on Darjeeling whatsoever…anymore. Now, will they except any leadership from Darjeeling or vice versa. Wouldn’t there be a clash of ego between two districts? People of both the ends will obviously put their own leaders at the helm and off course follow their respective ones. If it happens then I fear this Gorkhaland movement will die a slow death. This is exactly what Mamta wants, to weaken the GL movement, and end it once and for all by dividing the two, because Kalimpong with its area and population is indispensable to Darjeeling for any mass movement and so far its participation and contribution is and has been immense. In simple words …….Darjeeling cannot fight for a separate state without Kalimpong or Kalimpong without Darjeeling.

Please do drop in your opinions not as a Darjeelingay or Kalimpongay but as a true Gorkhalander.

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