I was like a Show-piece in party (GJM)– Trilok Dewan

It was second jolt to GJMM (Gorkha Janmukti Morcha), when former IAS officer Trilok Dewan resigned from the GJMM following Dr. Harka Bahadur Chettri in less than three days, which shocked entire hills.

I was more like a Show-piece in party, not like a legislator. I was presented only when I was required. We did not have important role to play in the party. Rather ‘Drivers’ and ‘Contractors’ were taken for Delhi-Talks, local legislators were sidelined. Are ‘Drivers’ and ‘Contractors’ public representatives? In reality, party is in control of ‘Drivers’ and ‘Contractors’. Actual public representatives were dispossessed. How long can we tolerate such insult?, said Trilok Dewan, former IAS officer, on the same day he submitted his resignation in Kolkata.

Party president told us to resign and I resigned from both party and MLA, said Trilok Dewan. Democracy is mentioned in the party but diktat rules. I am a retired IAS officer and worked as a Chief Secretary, I know how government and political party function, how democracy is maintained, expressed Trilok Dewan.

Trilok Dewan quits GJM
Trilok Dewan

So far I know, we were not called in a meeting where decision of MLAs resignation was decided. Only Sabhasad and Municipality representatives were called and decided our fate. Are Legislators lesser than GTA Sabhasad and Municipality representatives? Legislator has its own significance and dignity. The decision of resignations of MLAs should have been decided in Central Committee meeting, where 84 members are there including legislators. But decision was taken without the consent of legislators, which is very unfortunate and undemocratic, added Trilok Dewan.

He adds further, there is no democracy in the party at all, diktat is evident. Had they called us we would have explained about advantages and disadvantages of resignation issue. But we have been kept outside from making decision. Is it what legislators are treated in democracy? What should we call it democracy or dictatorship?

He said, I was also an advisor of GTA chief but I was never sought for my opinion. We legislators have been tolerating such disregard since long, hoping that leaders will realize one fine day and pave the way for democracy but never happened. Rather we were embarrassed in front of ‘Drivers’ and ‘Contractors’. How long can we tolerate such humiliation?

The party was formed in the name of Gorkhaland. But where is Gorkhaland now? There was never a talk over Gorkhaland in Tripartite meeting in Delhi, it was discussed only on GTA issues. GTA was given more importance and GTA issues were discussed because few leaders are making use of it. In the beginning, GTA was called the first ladder of Gorkhaland but where is that ladder? Is that ladder has become the amusement park of ‘Contractors’?, he further said.

We all know, there is no role of Central government in our issues and Central government cannot order state government. Despite all these facts, Gorkhaland issue is deliberately highlighted in the name of meeting with some Central ministers. What is the outcome of meeting with Central ministers and 13 tripartite meetings? Nothing, only assurance, said Trilok Dewan.

Gorkhaland is a question attached with the sentiment of Gorkhas. But now Gorkhaland is lost somewhere, there is now only GTA everywhere. What should we explain to people? Where and when did the issue of Gorkhaland slip away from the hand?
I am extremely sorry to say that GTA is a playground for the people like ‘Contractors’ and ‘Drivers’, it is not for the common people, said Trilok Dewan.

What Gorkha society benefited over the constant conflict with Bengal government? Was it beneficial for our region to have agitations in regular basis? Does not it affect common people? GTA is raised in good times and only in difficulties the issue of Gorkhaland is voiced, said Trilok Dewan.

The post of legislator and I was insulted many time in party, how long I should be tolerating such humiliation? Ultimately I was compelled to resign considering the dignity of legislator and my self-respect, Mr. Trilok Dewan said.

Source: Himalaya Darpan via DT

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