Interview with BHANU ra PALA: By Praneet, Sujeence & Mikma

“Jojo tapai ley Bhanu ra Pala hernu bha?” was the question my younger brother had asked me a year ago. Soon after that, I googled it and sat down to watch the play.

I was awed by their performance, their catchy dialogue and their brilliant acting. But above all, the play tried to drive home the hard hitting reality of our society at present with a coat of humor.

As the days went by I became a great fan of their dedication, passion and their work and it was my wish to know them better. Ultimately, I got a chance to see their third ever sequence “BHANU RA PALA” live in Delhi at the National Museum on the 13th Sept, 2015.

It was a thrilling experience to watch them live and felt really privileged and happy when I was given a chance to meet them back stage and document their story.

Mr. Lalit Golay who plays the main protagonist ‘Pala’ in the play is also the writer of the play. Pala seemed very charming, lively and humorous in his real life as well. It was he who introduced me to Mr. Madan Bhujel well known as ‘Bhanu’ and other supporting artists in the play.

While I was documenting them back stage, I witnessed their true dedications, hard work and bonding as a team. They spent their time rehearsing, practicing and memorizing their lines. Mr. Lalit Golay (pala) made his fellow artists understand the scene, go through the main dialogue sequences and made the characters work on crucial punch-lines.

Interview with BHANU ra PALA
Interview with BHANU ra PALA

Finally, the curtain of the stage was raised and “Bhanu ra Pala” gradually unfolded its first ever play organized at the National Level following a loud cheer and applause from the audience. The auditorium as exploding with the sound of laughter as the audience laughed their guts out hearing the catchy and humorous dialogues not to forget the acting. By the end of the play, the audience were seen smiling and cheering as the environment itself had become lively. After the play people ran to meet their favourite actors backstage. My curiosity to know more about the play and its actors led me to the main character ‘Pala’ who very humbly agreed to sit for a short chit-chat the next day.

The following account is given on the basis of a short interview with him.

How “Bhanu Ra Pala” was born?
If we go back to the time/ era when ‘Bhanu’ and ‘Ghasi’ (reference to the Poem ‘Ghasi Kuwa’ by legendary Nepali language poet Bhanubhakta Acharya) engage in a conversation where the latter talks about his contribution towards the society. Bhanu being a learned elite is intrigued by the noble thoughts of the common ghasi (grass-cutter)and this makes him the greatest poet of all times. Hypothetically speaking, if Bhanu had lived in today’s era and had such similar conversation, he might have felt much frustrated and suffocated and would come to Pala’s wine shop and vent out all his thoughts. Taking such scenarios in to prospect, the Drama “Bhanu ra Pala” was introduced in the year 2007, on 13th July, the same date when Bhanu Bhakta’ was born.

What made you add other characters to your play?
In the society we come across various characters from different aspects of community, such as a drunker, a policeman, etc. The reason behind introducing a drunker in the act is to show how within a society people are destroying their lives by drinking, even though he knows and understands the pros and cons of the current situation along.

What inspired you to be a theatre artist?
My uncle who was into drama and music who inspired me a lot. “When I was a kid I used to love hanging around with them and I was introduced into the world of drama.”

What was your first act?
Ah! The act was based on the famous writer Shiv Kumar Rai’s story titled “Dakhbangla” where I got a chance to play a small role of “dahi walla”. I still remember the dialogue it was “dahi dahi asali dahi”. I was in class 3 it still gives me goose-bumps.

Why have you portrayed all of your acts in a humorous style?
Each of my play has a lot of humour because I believe that every message be it political or social will reach the people more easily with the help of comedy, which makes my audience laugh, entertain them and brings awareness as well.

What is the reason behind hosting your act in Delhi?
The incessant rain which led to the landslides, destroyed many villages and roads in the sub division of Kalimpong, Kolamkham being one of them. Bikram Parajulee (the policeman in the play) who was a volunteer in one of the relief camps, was told by a local that they needed a school because the children over there were studying in a tarpaulin make shift shelter. This event was planned keeping in mind the children of Kolamkham and their future. Whatever money that they collect through this play would be donated for building a school for the children.

Have you ever thought of writing a book?
Ha ha (laughs)…I have been asked the same question before in one such instance a small kid came up to me and said “there are lots of books in the library but why haven’t you written one?”. That simple question asked by that small child make me think a lot thus, I have written my act “Bhannu ra Palla 3” in a book format.

Write up inputs: Praneet Subba , Sujeence Lama & Mikma Lepcha

Source: Gorkha Youth and Students’ Association of India – GYASA

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