India Gorkha’s and Korean youths to India

Writes Anmol Mukhia

On the 3rd January 2016, Mr. Anish Ale and his family have set an example of Good Samaritan to save the life of Korean youths in Indian railway station. Mr Anish Ale is an Indian gorkha from state of Nagaland, India. According to Anish, it was basically one of the most boring days as train was delayed for 9 hrs and around 3:30.p.m two young Korean men approached for help. They were Korean University (고려 대학교) students from Seoul (Republic of Korea) who had come to India on a trip to visit a few places. One of them had lost his phone along with his debit card which had most of their trip money. Pick pocketing is nothing new in India but, “I couldn’t react very well as I was in shock and disbelief as to how people can be selfish enough to steal from Guests in our country and cause them difficulties in their journey. They could have been penniless and hungry” says Anish.
Anish helped them to find the Railway police on the advice of his kind mother Mrs. Ana Ale and a gentleman who was seated nearby. Ale family rush to show their humility towards the Korean youth with patience and without honour or reward. When they met the railway policemen they were surprised once again at their reluctance to help the foreigner friend who had been there earlier. Most of the cases in India show police hesitate in helping when it is their obligation. On the conversation with Anish the policeman asked “how is it possible for a cellphone to be stolen from the pocket?”…he replied “the same way thieves steal people’s wallets.” The policeman finally agreed to file a complaint in the form of an application and gave them a copy of it.
Anish says we then headed for a recharge store to buy recharge for my phone so that they were able to reach the Bank in Korea (한국 은행) to block the card as well to reach their families on phone regarding this incident. And fortunately, soon enough the card was blocked. My friend was not worried about his phone, he was worried about his card as their train was bound to Varanasi and they had to travel with limited amount of money after losing the debit card. They will get in touch with a Korean man they know there and get their money transferred through him and in about two weeks they’ll head back to Korea. It didn’t take long for us to become good friends. We had enough time to talk about one another as both theirs and out trains were delayed. According to Anish, he felt he didn’t do much because that was the right and humane thing to do, he gave his time and effort but it meant the world to them at that moment.

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