Indian Gorkha Woman Jailed in Dubai with no help or support

A housemaid in Dubai, who is originally from Darjeeling, Inaia, was jailed for life for allegedly strangling her employer’s baby last year.

The 29-year-old woman who has 2 children of her own, was sentenced at Dubai Court of First Instance in January of 2014 after being found guilty of murdering the infant.

Prosecutors said she strangled the baby girl with a scarf, however, the maid insisted in court that she HAD NOT KILLED the child, saying that SHE WAS A MOTHER HERSELF and would, therefore, NEVER HURT AN INFANT.

But prosecutors told the court that, on January 18, 2014 the maid had waited for her sponsors to leave home for work about 10AM before wrapping the scarf around the baby’s neck and strangling her.

They said the woman then continued with her work as normal.

The incident was reported to police by Zulekha Hospital in Dubai after the baby was taken there by a relative of the family, who live in Al Nahda.

The baby’s mother received a call about 3PM from her sister, who said the maid had called her and told her that the baby was not waking up and was having breathing difficulties.

The mother asked her sister to go around and check on her daughter.

The sister went to the house then rushed the baby to hospital after finding the infant wasn’t breathing.

Doctors pronounced the infant dead, and suspected foul play so they notified Dubai Police. Initially, the family refused to believe the maid could have killed the child.

They said the defendant was loved by their children and she was good at her job.

However, they added that the maid’s mother had recently died.

“We knew from her that her mother had passed away about a month before and we asked her to wait until her residency procedures were finished before going back,” said the father.

The Girl from Darjeeling is still languishing in Jail with no help or support…

Can anyone help her please?

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