VIDEO PROOF Capt Ram Singh Thakuri Gave Tune to National Anthem We Sing It Today

Setting the Record of Our National Anthem Right – Capt. Ram Singh Thakuri Gave It The Tune We Sing It in Today – VIDEO PROOF

Writes: Upendra

Yesterday after we(The Darjeeling Chronicle) shared the report on Classified Netaji files being released by the Govt of India, we had also mentioned how Gorkhali contribution to Indian Freedom Struggle was never reported. In particular we had shared three names Saheed Indreni Thapa and Saheed Sabitri Thapa, who were teenagers when they joined the ‘Bal Sena’ or ‘Janbaz Dal’ of the Indian National Army and who attained martyrdom fighting against the British.

We (The Darjeeling Chronicle) had also highlighted how Capt. Ram Singh Thakuri the Director, Music of Indian National Army had in fact given the tune to our national anthem in the form in which we sing today [Details: ].

Capt. Thakuri was asked by Netaji to re-compose Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore’s version of Jana Gana Mana in a martial tune to which INA soldiers could march to. On Netaji’s request INA Capt. Abid Ali with the help of Mumtaz Hussain rewrote Gurudev’s Gana Gana Mana (which he had written in Sanskritised Bengali) in Hindusthani as “शुभ सुख चैन – Subha Skhuh Chain ki Barsha Barse” which was adopted as the national anthem (Qaumi Tarana) by the Provisional Free Government of India (Arzi Hukumat-e-Azad Hind) led by Netaji. The original tune for Jana Gana Mana was composed by Gurudev Tagore, however it was Capt. Thakuri who gave it the form we sing it in today.

Captain Ram Singh Thakuri (extreme right) playing the violin in Gandhi’s
presence, during one of Gandhi’s visits to INA prisoners at Red Fort, 20 June 1946
photo- wiki

शुभ सुख चैन was first played as the national anthem of free India first time on 11 September 1942 at Hamburg, and Capt. Thakuri was especially invited to play Jana Gana Mana when Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru unfurled the Tiranga from Lal Quila. In 1950, it was decided that Jana Gana Mana will remain India’s national anthem, the version of the tune was the one that had been composed by Capt. Ram Singh Thakuri [original version can be heard here: ]

While our report got numerous positive comments from those who care, including this kind comment from Mr. Debangshu Sen who wrote: “An eye opener for me, I was aware of Capt. Thakuri, but not much. Knew today about great sacrifices of saheed Indreni Thapa and Sabitri Thapa. My request to Admin or any other fellow members to shed more lights on these brave Indians. Please let us know more about them. Please publish their photographs too. Thank you again for this excellent article.”
However, we also got this comment

“Pro gorkhaland page eta…ki aal baal likhe diyeche…kono nepu ram er dewa music e amra national anthem gai naa…juto pitti dite hoy ei gulo ke…limits to spreading lies…tao Netaji r naam use kore”
In Bengali same thing reads “Pro গোর্খাল্যান্ড পেজ ইটা.. কি আল বাল লিখে দিয়েছে।.. কোনো নেপু রামের দেব মউজিক এ আমরা ন্যাশনাল অনথেম গাই না… জুত পিটিয়ে দিতে হয় এই গুলো কে… limits to spreading lies… তাও নেতাজীর নাম use কোরে”

Which translates to, “this is a Pro-Gorkhaland page… they have written all crap… we don’t sing our national anthem which contains any music written by any Nepu Ram… need to beat them up using shoes… limits to spreading lies… that to using Netaji’s name..”

Watch the Original tune of Jana Gana Mana as composed by Gurudev Tagore

Well to all the skeptics here we are glad to reproduce the Jana Gana Mana as sang by Our Beloved and Most Respected Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore in person… This was recorded in Germany.
Hope the skeptics realize that in music, tempo, meter and tune matter… Though the original tune for Jana Gana Mana was composed by Gurudev Tagore, however it was Capt. Thakuri who gave it the form we sing it in today.

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