Bharatiya Gorkhali Welfare Association Initiatives

Bharatiya Gorkhali Welfare Association is a non-political, non-profit social organization of the Indian Gorkhas of Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Bharatiya Gorkhali Welfare Association has done numerous services for the welfare of the Gorkhas in Karnataka. Some of its major activities are listed below:

1 . It has obtained a 2% reservation for Gorkhas under the OBC category for admission into government colleges in Karnataka after fulfilling certain criteria.
2. It provides scholarship to meritorious students from Class 1 to Class 10.
3. It has provided various vocational courses to resident Gorkhas.
4. It has been instrumental in procuring from the government 12 houses for resident Gorkhas.
5. It has held numerous cultural and sports events for the Gorkhas of Bangalore from time to time.
6. It provides a helpline for resident Gorkhas in times of emergency.
7. It is recognized by many areas and states in India including Darjeeling and Sikkim as a socially responsible organization and maintains good relations with major organizations in those areas.
8. It provides career counselling and placement assistance for the Gorkhas.

Bharatiya Gorkhali Welfare Association Initiatives
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SAHAYOG – This is a BGWA initiative for providing free accident insurance to its members. It was launched on 25 January 2009 at the occasion of the 14th General Body Meeting of the BGWA. A group of students and members from the unorganised sector, who do not get insurance cover from their employers have been provided insurance. This initiative will spread to all the members of BGWA who lack such insurance cover.

BGWA can also arrange for health insurance to its members at a very low premium. Sahayog has entered into a partnership with a reputed NGO to help facilitate the paperwork and claims procedure for the insurance policy so that the members will have a steady support in their times of need. Additional facilities of Sahayog include opening of a bank account (with debit card facility) for the members from the unorganised sector.

AASHWAS – A BGWA initiative, is a series of career counselling, personality development and vocational training workshops. As an attempt to attain its objective of advancement of the Gorkha community, Aashwas (Nepali translation being “Reassurance”) has been organised by corporate and industry professionals residing in Bangalore. With the enthusiasm and drive to share professional wisdom and acumen to the budding sections of community, Aashwas provides a ready forum to students and professionals alike, wherein ideas and concepts are freely discussed and exchanged – all within the hope that the younger generations of our community become aptly equipped to take on the professional world as and when they do so. To those from the non-corporate arenas, Aashwas is roping in stalwarts from respective industries in order to buttress their positions and growth prospects thereon. Kindly note that Aashwas is a social welfare initiative of BGWA, wherein NO remuneration has been charged by the professionals in mentoring the attendees. A list of Aashwas mentors have been prepared who will offer professional guidance to those seeking career counselling in various fields.

SAJILO – BGWA’s initiative “Sajilo – Hami Sabai Ko Lagi” is aimed at sharing information amongst us, which would be useful in our daily lives away from home. We request you to email us at [email protected] any information that you may have on the areas listed below and the same will be posted on this site. If you would like to post details regarding “Sale of Vehicle & Furniture”, please do provide your Name and Contact Number so that once the post is made,  interested people can get in touch with you.

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