Mahendra P. Lama seeks apology from the TMC on Harka Bahadur’s nomination

Darjeeling 8 Mar 2016 A lot of questions are being asked and speculation is rife among political circles in the hills ever since Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee announced the name of MLA Harka Bahadur Chhetri as the TMC candidate from Kalimpong for the state Assembly election. Many among the general public too have expressed dismay and are wondering as to how Chhetri, the president of the Jana Andolan Party, could have accepted the nomination, if at all he has.

However, JAP National Bureau chairman Mahendra P. Lama has sought to clarify the party’s stand in the wake of this controversial development. In a press statement, Lama said, “JAP has got nothing to do with the announcement made by Trinamool Congress. This issue was never discussed in any forum of JAP including its highest policy and decision making body, the National Bureau. JAP therefore, totally disagrees with the announcement made by Trinamool Congress and also seeks apology from the TMC for doing so without consulting the JAP and hurting the feelings of its esteemed party members and the people at large.”

Mahendra P. Lama seeks apology from the TMC on Harka Bahadur's nomination
Mahendra P. Lama

He went on to say that JAP has already started its own internal inquiry into the matter and is also examining “various misleading and unfounded versions” of the entire incident carried by the print and the electronic media. According to Lama, JAP will field its candidates from all the seats it deems fit to contest, both in the hills and the plains, and will announce its candidates shortly. The party will also discuss the feasibility of seeking the support of other political parties in due course of time, he added.


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