Airtel 4G Girl Sasha Chettri Joins Reliance Jio

Sasha Chettri, the unexpected villain of Airtel 4G campaign has decided to leave Airtel, and join Reliance Jio’s 4G campaign from now on. She took this major decision after a user from remote Umiam Lake of Shillong is taking her to court as he was not able to watch India vs West Indies World T20 Semi final clash on his mobile phone using Airtel 4G.

As per reports emerging, Sasha decided to take this extreme step after she was fed up of the trolling she received due to her Airtel 4G campaign; and when it became serious due to this legal angle.

In an exclusive e-interview via Twitter, she said, “Paka daala yaar! (Bugged me off dude!) Don’t these trolls have any other task?!”

This controversy reached it’s crescendo during the World T20 semi final clash where West Indies defeated India. The user, who was so impressed/influenced with Sasha’s advertisement for Airtel 4G in Shillong, that he purchased an Airtel connection for watching the crucial India-West Indies T20 match on his mobile. But unfortunately, the mobile was not able to get the desired bandwidth, and live streaming couldn’t happen.

In his petition, the man who refused to be identified, said, “India has never lost whenever I watch the match. Due to this strange Airtel 4G girl’s advertisement, I took Airtel SIM, and then it was all blank. The match couldn’t be streamed, and I couldn’t watch the match and India lost. Sasha now must pay the price..”

In that particular advertisement shot at Umiam Lake in Shillong, Sasha’s friends actually say to her: “Famous on TV, non-stop, loud speaker..”; and in reply, Sasha admits, “Thoda over ho gaya…Glad we are here, 4G se bhi break, public se bhi break!”.

But suddenly, she is stunned to notice that a girl is playing songs on mobile using Airtel 4G. This ‘miracle’ is what must have inspired that unnamed user who later sued Sasha.

Sasha Ditching Airtel – The Real Reason

As per insider reports, Sasha is tired of watching trolls demolish her self-confidence and belief in the fact that she is a great actor. The biggest issue is that Airtel’s 4G isn’t working as smoothly as she had expected, and this is resulting in intolerance among users.

But why Reliance 4G of all the telecom companies?

She says, “See, first of all, Reliance Jio is really dicey – nobody knows when it will be launched. I am estimating that it will take another year or so before Reliance Jio 4G SIM cards are actually available. On the other hand, Airtel is everywhere, and it’s simply not working!”

It seems that either she received a bigger contract or her visibility has been massively planned (or both), even surpassing Airtel’s campaign.

Just for records, Sasha officially became the face of India’s most hated brand earlier this year; and several analysts had directly blamed Sasha for the same.

As per official data from Broadcast Audience Research Council India (BARC), between September 19 and November 20, 2015, 54,406 times, Sasha Chettri was aired 54,406 times, which resulted in her capturing the small screen for 1,708,586 seconds. In short, she was on TV screen for almost 475 hours, or some 20 days!

Ad-pundits have even started calling her ‘Lalitaji’ of 2015-16.

In a question related to her future plans, the trained copyrighter and passionate singer who accidentally landed up Airtel’s huge, massive ad-campaign, said, “First of all, let me handle these legal issue; and the emotional distress which I am going through. And then, I will plan a comeback by planning more torture for the Indian audience using Reliance 4G advertisements. Just wait and watch..”

Rumors are in that she has proposed a tagline: “4G Liyo To Jio!”, which is being examined by Reliance’s corporate communication experts.

*More updates awaited…


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