Ranbir Kapoor in ‪Darjeeling‬: Well the Kapoor’s Have Always Loved Our Hills and so has Bollywood

While everyone is celebrating the arrival of Ranbir Kapoor in our hills, we are celebrating our hills, which has always attracted the Kapoors and many many more of the Bollywood fraternity. Ranbir’s grandfather Raj Kappor was here in 1949, his father Rishi Kapoor and Grandpa – Raj shot one of the most memorable Indian movies – “Mera Naam Joker” here in our hills

Here is a list of Bollyhood movies shot in our hills, which we had published earlier on Nov 22, 2014

Darjeeling and Bollywood : An Iconic Love Story

Amongst all the Hill stations in India to have attracted their share of Bollywood fame, by far Darjeeling stands out as one of the most coveted.

From as far back as Raj Kapoor’s Barsaat shot in 1949 to the latest Yaariyan in 2014, Darjeeling has have had a very special place in the hearts of Bollywood.

One of the most iconic song which comes to one’s mind when talking about Darjeeling and Bollywood is Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore starrer “Mere Sapno Ki Rani Kab Aayegi Tu” from the movie Aradhana shot in 1969 [ http://youtu.be/vo1MykK4u8U ].

But very few know that 8 years ago a similar scene on the train had been shot by Super Star Dev Anand and Asha Parekh starrer movie “Jab Pyaar Kisi Se Hota Hai” in the song Jiya Ho Jiya Kuch Bol Do back in 1961 [ http://youtu.be/u_xHTc6AP90 ]

In the same year one of the best known Bollywood heroes Shammi Kapoor and Kalpana shot their entire movie “Professor” in the Darjeeling hills, with “Main Chali Main Chali” being shot in Chowrasta [ http://youtu.be/mt9EF7cX_WI ]

Another Sammi Kapoor and Shakila starrer movie released in the same year 1962 ‘China Town’ was also shot extensively in Darjeeling and went on to become a super hit [ http://youtu.be/gwABN3PYBhk ]

Right after Dev Anand another super stars Manoj Kumar and Mala Sinha shot their 1st movie together ‘Hariyali Aur Raasta’ in 1962, in fact most of this movie is based in Darjeeling [ http://youtu.be/3xYZHx_Bbco ]

Asha Parekh and Dharmendra starrer 1966 Aaye Din Bahar Ke also became a super hit, it was shot extensively in the tea gardens of Darjeeling [ http://youtu.be/8jhrt4bKdjM ]

The year 1968 brought Dharmendra back to Darjeeling again, this time for Baharon ki Manzil which gained a lot from the exquisite scenes from our beloved hills [ http://youtu.be/qnWjAUuMLEE?t=21m35s ]

The 1967 Sunil Dutt and Mumtaz Starrer ‘Humraaz’ was also shot in Darjeeling, its song “Niley Gagan K Taley” is one of the most recognized songs from the movie which was shot in Darjeeling [ http://youtu.be/aN5rCSdgOQw ]

In the same year in which Rajesh Khanna was stealing limelight by crooning “Mere Sapno Ki Rani Kab Aayegi Tu” Dev Anand and Asha Parekh starrer Mahal (1969) was raking in moolah in the market with their super hit song ‘Ye Duniya Wale Punchenge’ shot in Darjeeling [ http://youtu.be/mbjvyF4Lug4 ]

The Kapoor family do have a very strong connection to Darjeeling, with Raj Kappor shooting important parts of his 1970 cult classic Mera Naam Joker and later Rishi Kapoor’s debut movie the controversial Bobby 1973 were both shot in Darjeeling [ http://youtu.be/d7-SxSV6C0U?t=47m51s ]

Dev Anand loved Darjeeling and he came here to shoot numerous times in addition to his earlier ventures, he shot Joshila with erstwhile queen of Bollywood Hema Malini in 1973 [ http://youtu.be/bbTZu7-Usug ]

The 1974 film Sagina saw Darjeeling hosting the amazingly talented trio of Dilip Kumar, Saira Banu, and Aparna Sen [ http://youtu.be/PHAWgH_g67Y ]

Big B – Amitabh Bachchan came to Darjeeling in 1976 for his movie Do Anjaane in which he played opposite Rekha and again in 1981 for his movie Barsat ki Ek Raat opposite Rakhi [ http://youtu.be/Q5Ky7cyiwxU ]. Needless to say both the movies were super hit.

1967. Raj Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor at Chowrasta in Mera Naam Joker

In 1979 Rajesh Khanna was back in Darjeeling with Simple Kapadia for the movie Anurodh, which features one of Kishore Kumar’s best song ‘Mere Dil Ne Tadapke’ [

http://youtu.be/_eU84oUCQgY ]

1979 brought Vinod Khanna and the gorgeous Shabna Ajmi to Darjeeling for their Super Hit movie ‘Lahoo ke Do Rang.’ If you want to see Darjeeling before Andolan then you must check out this video [ http://youtu.be/L87lUKv5764 ]

I think the movies dried up after 1981 movie Barsat ki Ek Raat starring Amitabh and Rakhi due to the volatile political situation in Darjeeling, as I could not find any movies that were shot in this era.

The Bollywood connection to Darjeeling was revived again in 1992 with Shahrukh Khan starrer Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman with the very 1st song in the movie ‘Dil Hai Mera Diwaana’ shot in Darjeeling catapulting him to superstardom.

The very next year in 1993, Darjeeling saw Pooja Bhatt and Aditya Pancholi starrer ‘Chor Aur Chaand’ hit the screens, with amazing songs and scenes from Darjeeling making the movie super hit [ http://youtu.be/US-UfIX9TTI ]

1998 saw Marc Robinson and Tara Deshpande star in the movie Bada Din with the song ‘Meri Sanson Mein Tum Ho’ going on to become song of the year… once again Darjeeling was the super star [ http://youtu.be/zL4z5GfG-dE ]

In the new millennium 2002 saw the making of one of the best movies ever shot in Darjeeling ‘Mr and Mrs. Iyer.’ Konkana Sen Sharma and Rahul Bose starer movie was beautiful in a sense that it not only captured the hills, but also the Terai and Dooars. Unlike other movie, which focus most on the mountains and tea, Mr. and Mrs Iyer told the story of the place and its people unlike [ http://youtu.be/AboPxjjTURw ].

The year 2003-04 brought back King Khan to Darjeeling, after a gap of nearly 12 years Shahrukh had come to Darjeeling, and in the gap had gone on to become an INTERNATIONAL SUPER STAR. His movie with Farah Khan ‘Mein Hoon Na’ was more or less all right, a typical Bollywood flick, yet it became super hit. Darjeeling once again proving to be very lucky for King Khan [ http://youtu.be/F2FK7O-Rh1Y ].

The year 2005 saw Saif Ali Khan retracing his mothers footsteps back to Darjeeling with the movie Parineeta, both movie and the song ‘Kasto Maja Hai Railaima’[ http://youtu.be/iw_MFkAnSGA ] shot on our lovely Toy Train went on to become one of the most hummed tune of the year.

Anjan Dutta’s 2008 movie Via Darjeeling may not have made much impact in terms of box office returns, but the movie did receive a warm reception and critical acclaim [ http://youtu.be/8IZVA_8DeWQ ]. It was also a very important movie as far as Darjeeling is concerned, as it was shot entirely in Darjeeling during the height of Gorkhaland agitation at that. Anjan Dutta’s love for Darjeeling is renowned, but by making his movie in the period that he did, he proved that once you are a Darjeelingey, you will forever remain a hard core Darjeelingey at heart.

Keeping up with his family’s deep connection to Darjeeling, Ranbir Kapoor following on the footsteps of his illustrious family icons – Raj Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor came to Darjeeling in 2012 for the movie Barfi. The movie which went on to win numerous awards and gained critical acclaim for both Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra once again became another Super Hit movie with the Darjeeling Connection [ http://youtu.be/iw_MFkAnSGA ]

2014 saw new comers Himansh kohli, Rakul Preet shoot for movie Yaariyan, which was an average film, but Darjeeling and Sikkim provided a jaw dropping background to the movie [ http://youtu.be/w3yJS4MB85Q ]

Currently Adhyayan Suman and Sara Loren are shooting for the movie Ishq Click in Darjeeling and the movie is expected to be released later this year – are these the new generation of stars in the making?

I might have missed out on many movies shot in Darjeeling, some deliberately like I did not include movies made in Nepali or Bengali, and many unintentionally as I do not know about them…

If any of you do, please add in the comments section… we could use the list to promote tourism in Darjeeling.
[Details: http://bit.ly/13IsEv9 ]

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