“Today marks the end of Morcha rule in our hills…” Harka Bahadur Chettri

“Next time if we contest for Prime Ministerial seat we will win” Dr. Harka at JAP Youth Rally in ‪‎Kalimpong‬

A well attended rally by youths from various parts of Kalimpong yesterday led Dr. Harka Chettri to declare “today marks the end of Morcha rule in our hills…”

Speaking to the enthusiastic youths, who were blowing on whistles – election symbol of JAP – all through the rally, Dr. Harka said, “Morcha is today directionless… they do not have any issue to harp on… we are fighting to establish Kalimpong as a new district… and we will succeed… this gathering today is a proof of the fact that the youths want change.”

"Today marks the end of Morcha rule in our hills..." Harka Bahadur Chettri
JAP Youth Rally in ‪‎Kalimpong‬

Accusing GJM of being against the development of Kalimpong, Dr. Harka said, “Morcha is number one enemy of Kalimpong district issue… once we win the election we will turn Kalimpong district into one of the best districts in all over India.”

Dr. Harka further said, “GJM is desperate today, sometimes they say Kalimpong belongs to Bhutan, at others they say Kalimpong district is GJM’s issue… they are clueless… they even forced Modi to come and click pictures with them to gain some votes… I feel such energy and enthusiasm towards JAP… that next time if we fight for Prime Ministerial seat we will win…”

GJM however accused JAP of paying money to underage children and bringing them to blow whistle incessantly, and said, “they are not just indulging in dirty politics of getting 16-17 year olds to attend their rally… they are trying to blow whistle on Gorkhaland demand… the people from Kalimpong knows they are playing on Bengal’s team and will convincingly defeat them.

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