Uttarakhand Gorkhas have a choice BY Brig C S Thapa (Veteran)

16 April 2016 The recent political turmoil in the state of Uttarakhand is unfortunate but opens a whole lot of opportunities.   A section of Gorkhas declaring support to the Congress may be a little premature. A couple of things have happened and the Gorkha community needs to wait and watch before deciding on what to do. The situation is very fluid and everything depends upon the judiciary and the decision to be given by the esteemed courts. Some things that are imminent, that President Rule will stay and the political class will have to come back to the kingmaker of the day, the people, that means the state will only get stable after elections. With elections due next year, the judicial judgment awaited, it becomes difficult to state any thing for sure. A few trends.

The people of the state have seen the video and seeing believes which clearly shows how deep the political rot is and linked all the way up. They see both the national parties deeply corrupt and have lost faith in a lot of leaders, how will the people deal with these leaders once they come back to the masses is yet to play out.

 Uttarakhand Gorkhas
Uttarakhand Gorkhas

The rebels cannot or may not be accommodated in other parties. There are many waiting aspirants for a ticket who have toiled hard for the party, thus the rebels will have to chart their own destinies, by accommodating them more rebels will be created, or they the rebels if they stay with one of the two parties have to cool their heels.

If the President Rule delivers more than any government than a lot of politicians will be discredited. Currently all payments have been cleared, a new liquor policy may emerge, and a lot of revenue has been collected from mining. People are asking why did this not happen for the last sixteen years?  A longer full six months President rule with good results is an indicator for a viable third front.

A very vibrant space has been created for the third front and Gorkhas need to see this option also. The two major national parties currently in power where not very active during the struggle for the state and watched the proceeding from a distance, one of them created the state when it suited them.   It was the Uttarakahnd Kranti Dal (UKD), which was the mainstay for the struggle regarding creation of the state. There was another very active section and that was the ladies who contributed mainly to the struggle for the creation of the state.  Thus today the two main stays for the creation of the state have been sidelined and possibly the people are now paying the price. The human developments indices are very poor in the state.  Gorkhas can form the much needed cutting edge of the third front if such an option emerges.  Gorkhas also have good bargaining chips with the main line political parties. The community needs to stand united.

Political analyst the world over will agree that the ideal combination for any mature democracy is having two parties. In the state currently there are two main national parties and only seventy elected MLA. Yet in sixteen years the state has seen eight CM and the nineth CM waiting in the wings, where is development?  Two parties with a small legislature is an ideal situation for good governance yet the state has seen the worst governance and is in the news for all the wrong reasons on account of the lust for power of its political class.

The people of the state voted for a political party and gave it majority. President rule implies breakdown of democracy and work to be done by bureaucracy.  Democracy does not function through bureaucracy or political games it works with rules of the same, and let there be a floor test. There is another school that believes that Presidents rule will allow better work to progress, as now the bureaucracy will not have to answer to any one and function smoothly. Well good luck to all, it implies that we vote politicians to create hurdles?

A question needs to be asked who has benefitted the most since the creation of the state. It is the political class, followed by the mafia, than the contractors and lastly the corrupt officials.  The people of the state are paid lip service, and have not benefitted at all.

Human memory is short and we Indians are very forgiving people. Within a few days it will be back to business.  It’s time we thought about the legacy we our generation is going to hand over to the next generation. Are we going to hand over a nation where might and money power is right, the choice is ours?  As far as the Gorkha community is concerned we need to stand united, the solution will emerge thereafter only.

Brig C S Thapa writes for various newspapers and magazines and can be reached at [email protected]

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