Sadar Hills Gorkhas condemn deployment of Cdos in Sadar Hills

KANGPOKPI MANIPUR May 13: Various Gorkha civil bodies of Sadar Hills today vehemently decried the alleged silly utterances of JAC Shantipur and strongly condemned the deployment of Cdo in Sadar Hills administrative jurisdiction.

Motbung-Charhajare Gorkha Youth Union in its joint meeting today Motbung collectively censured the ignorance utterance of JAC Shantipur over the claiming of Inspection Bungalow at Gamgiphai as part of Imphal West while terming the JAC Shantipur as ‘misleading’ the public.

The Motbung-Charhajare Gorkha Youth Union also maintained that Inspection Bungalow at Gamgiphai where Cdo outpost was installed without the consent of the Sadar Hills people belongs to Sadar Hills and its is rightfully under the administrative jurisdiction of Sadar Hills which is a universal truth.

While strongly opposing the JAC Shantipur alleged silly utterance, the union also said that such statement has seriously disturbed the peaceful coexistence of various communities dwelling in Sadar Hills.

The union further expressed it’s strongly opposition of deploying and stationing Commandos at Gamgiphai and urges the state Government to remove in the interest of all communities in Sadar Hills.

Sadar Hills Gorkhas condemn deployment of Cdos in Sadar Hills
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Meanwhile, Sadar Hills Gorkha Union also registered strong opposition over the stationing and deployment of Commandos at Gamgiphai while condemning the alleged immature utterances of the JAC Shantipur which hurts mutual correlation of various communities in Sadar Hills.

Hari Nepal, President, Sadar Hills Gorkha Union lamented that anything that could disturbs the peaceful coexistence of Sadar Hills will be opposed and condemned by the Gorkha community living in Sadar Hills.

He further said that stationing and deployment of Commandos at Gamgiphai fabricates extreme insecurity of Sadar Hills people which consequently disturbed the prevailing peaceful atmosphere in the areas.

It will be a worthy decision if the state Government withdraws the Cdo personnel and its Gamgiphai outpost at the earliest possibility, Nepal added.

The union president also said that the Gorkhas in Sadar Hills will endorse any move of the people of Sadar Hills in withdrawing the commandos from Sadar Hills.

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