Siliguri Bagdogra Central Bank of India robbed

Siliguri, May 5 : The Bagdogra branch of the Central Bank of India was found burgled last night with 16 lockers broken.

The robbery has sent customers into a tizzy and it is yet to be found out whose lockers were broken and what was stolen.

The bank, located on the first floor of a three-storied building at Bihar More, has 90 lockers. “Police and bank officials refrained from a proper check of the lockers as fingerprints will be collected only tomorrow,” said a source.

Bagdogra is around 15km from Siliguri.

The robbery was discovered when employees arrived to open the bank around 10am. “There were two robbers who broke the grille of a window with gas cutters and entered inside. The main lock of the vault was also broken. There are 90 lockers in the vault and 16 of them were broken. We have recovered footage from the bank’s CCTV. Fingerprint experts of the CIDs will reach here from Calcutta by tomorrow,’ said a police officer.

Siliguri Bagdogra Central Bank of India robbed
S iliguri Bagdogra Central Bank of India robbed

Manoj Verma, the Siliguri police commissioner, visited the spot.

The bank has no security guard. The entire building has a watchman engaged by its owner. The watchman, Ranjit Mallik, was interrogated by the police.

Several customers swarmed the bank when the news of the robbery spread. “There was no night guard at the bank. I don’t know whether my locker has been broken and the bank will compensate us,” said Susanta Kundu, an account holder.

Amal Sikdar, a local businessman, said: “I have a locker in the bank. But after the incident, I am worried and don’t know what happened to my locker.”

U.C. Guchhait, the regional manager of Central Bank of India, who reached the branch, said the loss could be assessed only after the investigation was over. “Necessary steps will be taken as per rules,” he added.

The police have asked the customers to submit a list of items they had kept in the lockers.

Via Telegraph

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